Paul McCartney Gets Host Crying with Let It Be in 'Carpool Karaoke'

Sir Paul McCartney - legendary memeber of The Beatles, needs no introductions, and despite numerous TV appearances, the beloved Beetle continues to surprise - like in his latest guest appearance on Carpool Karaoke that got the host crying...

Sir Paul McCartney is undoubtably one of the biggest living icons in the world with a successful career as one of the Beatles and an equally successful career as a solo artist. At 76 years young, McCartney is still touring the world and making guest appearances on TV shows that fans wait for. One of his latest pop-ins was in 'Carpool Karaoke' – one of the biggest hits on TV in the UK.


Like his usual cool self, McCartney set in the car, talking and making jokes as the host, James Corden, drove him around. At one point, the beloved beetle started telling the story behind what inspired the band's hit song – Let It Be, and it got Corden tearing up. The two sang the song together, and the host couldn't keep it in anymore, and honestly – neither could we. Singing with a living legend can get anyone welling up, and it's definitely a moment to remember.

Source: YouTube/Aditya Utama Wijaya