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Oral B Genius Reviewed

There are lots of electric toothbrushes out there, so what makes the Oral-B Genius stand out? Does it really deserve that "genius" in its name? That's what we set to find out when we decided to review the Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Electric Toothbrush. Oral health is important not just for maintaining your teeth and gums, but also for preventing other complications as well. Research has suggested that poor oral health can be linked to complications such as heart disease, stroke, and digestion disorders.  Whether a manual toothbrush is good enough really depends on the individual's brushing technique. An electric toothbrush often provides a simpler option for ensuring a good clean.

The Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 is not just an electric toothbrush; it is also a smart toothbrush. You can download the Oral-B smartphone app to enhance your brushing experience. This electric toothbrush then connects via Bluetooth to the app. It uses the front-facing camera and microphone on your smartphone to detect where the toothbrush is positioned in your mouth and ensure that you don't miss a spot. Use the suction mount to attach the phone to your bathroom mirror and start brushing until the blue turns to white. Then, move onto the next section of your mouth. Reviewers did note that the position detection wasn't always perfectly on point, sometimes changing the color of an area that wasn't being brushed. The app also coaches you to make sure that you brush for a full two minutes and keeps track of your twice a day brushing, sending you notifications if you skipped. It also reminds you to floss, clean your tongue, and rinse. Pressure detection sensors alert you if you are applying too much force while brushing.  You can review your brushing stats on the app, learn about problem areas, and share the information with your dentist who can create a customized, personalized brushing plan for you (focusing on certain areas of the mouth that need more help, for example). You can also choose your own "dental care journey," with personalized goals such as fresh breath, whitening, or gum health for custom brushing programs from the app. The Fun Zone is a great benefit for kids since it involves different characters, records GIFs, and more that can be shared with parents who track their brushing progress and make sure they really brush their teeth before bed when you tell them to.

The Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 is of course accepted the American Dental Association. It has six cleaning modes: daily clean, gum care, sensitive, whitening, pro-clean, and tongue cleaning. The brush handle is black with a white brush head which can be changed out. The handle indicates the different cleaning modes, features a power button, battery indicator, and also the LED SmartRing. You can personalize the LED SmartRing that also provides you with brushing cues by changing the color through the app. The brush head is round and cups each tooth providing an excellent clean thanks to its oscillation, rotation, and pulsing. Reviewers were very impressed with the cleaning ability of this brush. The question is really how much do you think you will use the app? It is certainly a handy tool but we could see users stop using it daily for feedback over time, once they feel they've mastered the optimal brushing technique. We also believe, however, that without the app, you could get lazy over time and go back to your old ways. For this reason, once the initial excitement wears off, you may want to continue using the app at least once or twice a week to ensure you maintain the high standards that the Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 instills into your oral hygiene routine.  We also think that it is a great tool for kids and for their parents to get feedback on their children's brushing routines. When you purchase this toothbrush, you also get 3 refills for the brush head and a smart travel case with an extra USB port. Battery life is 12 days between charges. Oral-B offers a two-year warranty.  


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