Nikon Confirms Mirrorless Camera on the Way

By Carol Lacks — Published July 25, 2018

Nikon Confirms Mirrorless Camera on the Way

After years of rumors and speculation, Nikon has confirmed that they are working on a new mirrorless camera. It looks like this is finally in an attempt to catch competitors, Sony, in the mirrorless category.

Nikon is yet to provide information on the series name or the launch date however what we do know is that the mirrorless camera will require a new lens mount and therefore new lenses. In a statement, Nikon claimed to be developing a "next-generation full-frame (Nikon FX-format) mirrorless camera and Nikon lenses, featuring a new mount," whilst also stating that "professional creators around the world have contributed to the development." Nikon went on to state that "The system is the result of Nikon's unsurpassed optical and manufacturing capabilities gained through more than a century of imaging expertise." They have also confirmed that despite the development of the new lens, there will also be an adaptor that will allow for existing DSLR lenses to be used on the new, mirrorless product.

Although there has been no confirmation from Nikon, we are currently speculating two mirrorless camera models with different sensor resolutions (25 megapixels and 45-48 megapixels respectively.) This rumor is based on the fact that Nikon's full-frame models, the D850 and the D610 have sensors with these resolutions. What's more, we can expect a leap in autofocus from 153 to around 440 AF points meaning that they will cover a wider area of the scene. There are also predictions of 9fps continuous shooting and 4K video. Finally, price tag rumors are around $4,000 for high-res cameras and less than $3,000 for the low-res model.

This development follows the Nikon 1 series, Nikon's first line of mirrorless cameras which was launched in 2011 and recently discontinued. This first series was seen amongst many as an attempt to enter the mirrorless camera market without compromising on the F-mount lens library which has kept Nikon afloat since the 1950s. The announcement about the release is, therefore, an acknowledgment of the fact that mirrorless cameras will be the future of professional photography. Nikon will, however, still be developing SLRs.

Nikon is notorious for announcing when new high-end products are on their way and have already informed us that more information, such as specs, price and release date, will be released "at a later date". So, for those of you that have been waiting for a few years, waiting a little more shouldn't do any harm!



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