New Jobs the Internet has Created in the Last 10 Years

By Toni S. — Published May 27, 2018

New Jobs the Internet has Created in the Last 10 Years

The last ten years have seen technology develop by leaps and bounds. Every year saw new technologies emerge that were changing our lives forever. From social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to mobile dating apps, e-commerce websites like Amazon, and taxi services like Uber, technology has transformed the way we live. Along with this enormous impact on our lives, technology has created a whole new section of jobs that were unheard of just over a decade ago. 

The Internet has provided a facility that connects the entire globe in real-time and the possibilities that stemmed from this development are endless. Here we discuss only some of the jobs created by the Internet in the last ten years but the number keeps growing.

1. Web developer: With the Internet came websites and with websites came the need for dedicated web developers. A new niche profession was born with software developers branching out into specifically designing and building websites to meet the needs of both individuals and companies.

2. Digital marketer: The evolution of the Internet gave birth to a new arena for companies to advertise their products. Digital marketing took on a life of its own and soon there were professionals focused only on developing new material for digital marketing.

3. Web content developers:
 Websites need content to provide visitors with information about the site, products or services. Many smaller companies would write their own web content but as responsibilities increased, more and more companies started outsourcing content development. The gap in the market was quickly filled with individuals whose profession it became to develop and write content for websites.


4. SEO consultant: All of a sudden, websites were competing with each other for the maximum number of views with the hope of generating more business. As 'Google searches' became the norm for finding a website, the race to rank first on Google searches reached a new level. To answer the many questions on how to get a website at the top of the rankings, SEO consultants were born. SEO or Search Engine Optimization consultants study trends and understand why some websites rank better than the others and then educate companies on what to do and what not to do.

5. Social media manager: Oh yes, there are people and companies who hire other people to manage their social media platforms. All big companies now have a social media presence to keep clients and followers up to date with latest features and products. Having one person or even a team dedicated to posting regular updates on social media keeps the company relevant and the clients interested and even excited about what’s coming next (think iPhone X launch and you know what we’re talking about). The responsibility to create interesting content for social media also rests with the social media manager and their team.

6. Cloud service specialist: Ah, the omnipresent cloud. Still a bit of a mystery to most people, the cloud can be explained as a space on the Internet where large amounts of data can be stored digitally. The job of managing this gigantic amount of data falls on the shoulders of a growing pool of brave souls. Cloud service specialists do everything cloud-related- analyzing data, protecting the data from being hacked, categorizing data, sharing data and so on. Professionals from different fields, including engineers, strategists, database managers, data analysts and so on, become cloud service specialists. There’s a lot that goes on in cloud computing and this one technological development alone has created numerous jobs.

These and many more jobs have been created by the Internet in the last ten years and the next ten years are looking just as interesting. Who knows what that future holds?

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