New iPhone and iPhone Features Coming Out!

What's New with the New iPhone Coming out

Each year Apple releases their new set of techs and this year was no different. Technology enthusiasts from all over the world gathered in the month of September for Apple to host its annual product launch. While the previous year marked the release of the new laptops and iPhone X, this year the viewers were treated to the release of three new iPhone models and a brand new Apple smartwatch. These new iPhones are an enormous leap from the previous iPhone X.

Apple has long been the frontrunner in the field of technological innovation in the field of electronics. It has always been the foremost company to introduce new and innovative features in all of its products. From introducing fonts in word processors to paving the way for the touchscreen revolution, Apple has always exceeded people's expectations.

There are three new iPhones that have been released this year. The iPhone XS, XR and the iPhone XS MAX. Each of these is powered with new and advanced A12 Bionic chip which is way more powerful than its predecessor the A10 bionic chip. The A12 is capable of making 5 trillion calculations per second whereas the A10 could only manage 500 million. Added to this, the smartphone has been upgraded in every possible way, right from introducing a depth blurring camera to the new dedicated processor that has been assigned for machine learning and AI. The three iPhones were released in three different price ranges to satisfy all categories of consumers.

new iphone features

New features of the iPhone

These three iPhones that have been released are an enormous leap from the previous model, iPhone X. Mentioned below are some of the new and unique features of these new iPhones.

  • The A12 Bionic Processor- The A12 Bionic processor not only makes these iPhones faster and more optimized, but the incredibly powerful processor lends its functions to all applications such as image processing in the camera, 3D facial recognition and other apps. This combined with the dedicated GPU and a machine learning engine makes these phones a powerhouse.
  • Machine learning and neural engine- The neural chip and AI capabilities were first introduced with iPhone 8, 8 Plus and X. By incorporating machine learning into the various features of the phone such as connectivity, camera and facial ID among others, significantly better results were achieved. ML stacks also allows users to incorporate AI capabilities into their own personal projects and activities.
  • New iPhone has advanced video game capabilities- You can easily play high definition AAA quality games such as Bethesda's new Elder Scrolls: Blades on these iPhones. The A12 Bionic Processor combined with the dedicated graphics unit makes for such a seamless and immersive gaming experience.
  • Supports AR experience- Once again the iPhone's processor provides another stunning capability that has become on the hottest trending concepts in the digital world. These iPhones now support a wide range of AR experiences such as AR video games, designing and sketching apps among others. You can turn your mundane home spaces or table tops into dynamic and engaging environments.
  • Better screen size- The screen size in the new iPhones has been increased by 30%. Incredibly, the size of the iPhone has not been altered with making it the combination between screen size and ergonomics. The screen features a full HD display with crystal clear clarity. Apple rightfully added that this new iPhone has the best-designed screen in the world of smartphones.
  • New portrait shot tool- These new iPhones come equipped with a new tool for perfect portrait shots. The new iPhones can generate a layer by layer blurred Bokeh effect which can be adjusted according to the user's preference.

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