The iPhone X: Rumors Surrounding the Newest iPhone

By Rachel Less — Published July 10, 2018

The iPhone X: Rumors Surrounding the Newest iPhone

The iPhone X has been on our radar since it launched in September however now, we have a new Apple product to focus on, the iPhone XI which is rumored to launch in September 2018. Although there has been no official date, Apple are a company of habit and September will mark the one-year anniversary since the launch of the iPhone X.

In terms of price, we believe that it will cost around the $1,000 mark for the cheapest version as Apple have a history of releasing the most expensive smart phones on the market and there is no reason that the iPhone XI should be priced any differently.

There has been a lot of intrigue surrounding the two sizes of the iPhone XI.  Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst for KGI Securities, claims that the iPhone XI will come in two different sizes (5.8 inch and 6.5 inch) with pixel densities of 458ppi and 480ppi respectively. In terms of design, it is of common belief that it will stick closely to that of the iPhone X. If these rumors are true then users can look forward to a sharp display, especially in terms of photographs. In terms of color, Kuo has also suggested that the iPhone XI will be available in black and white as well as gold too.

Although the larger screen means a larger phone which is inconvenient for some, a larger phone also means a larger battery. Kuo claims that the battery will be 10% larger than the battery in the iPhone X whereas the larger 6.5-inch model will have a 25% larger battery.

Finally, the iPhone X is renowned mostly for its outstanding camera ability. Predictions state that we will be looking at a similar dual-lens function for the iPhone XI however there is talk of a revamped front-facing selfie camera that will have the ability to sense depth.

Apple hasn’t officially released a release date or confirmed rumors surrounding features and design. All we can do is wait for more news along the rumor mill until Apple decide to let us in on their latest product.

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