Facebook Policy Update Prevents Minors From Viewing Gun Accessory Ads.

By Ben Logue — Published June 18, 2018

Facebook Policy Update Prevents Minors From Viewing Gun Accessory Ads.

Starting from June 21st, Facebook will be tweaking their advertising policy and in turn, there will be no gun accessory advertising on the social media site to those age 18 and under. The social media moguls have already banned ads for gun and weapon however there is currently no age restriction of the advertising of weapon accessories. Starting from next week, Facebook have stated that only users above the age of 18 will be able to view advertisements for gun accessories such as holsters, belts and more.

In addition to the banning of advertising firearms, explosives and weapons of any kind (including paintball guns and BB guns), new clauses of their policy state that ads for customizing weapons, protective clothing, hunting gear, military clothing, sights for firearms and more will have restricted viewing. Although companies that sell these accessories will be able to advertise on Facebook, they will have to set an age restriction to 18 or older.  

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There is no official explanation for the reason behind the banning of gun accessory ads to minors however there is no doubt that it has stemmed from the renewed focus on gun violence in the States, following shootings in Texas, Florida and more. What's more, it could also be connected to the face that Facebook has been in the limelight a lot recently due to faults in their data management methods. Not only did Facebook fail to stop Cambridge Analytica from exploiting personal data of around 90 million individuals, but in recent weeks, Facebook had to bare the brunt of backlash against them when they made the private posts of 14 million people public. Finally, Facebook have also recently run into issues surrounding the General Data Production Regulation (GDPR) that has ensured users in Europe follow new data rules.

However, this new clause in gun accessory advertising has not been taken well by everyone. Some have commented that the incremental step could make guns appear even more attractive by only advertising them to those above the age of 18.

Nevertheless, Facebook have announced that they will work together with businesses and organizations that could be affected by the new ad policy changes to try and combat potential issues together.

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