Jeff Bezos Rumored to Announce New Amazon HQ on the Website's Birthday

by Rachel M.

2 years ago
Industry News

It's hard to believe that on July 5th Amazon – the Seattle based juggernaut, will celebrate its 24th birthday. After announcing 20 final runner-ups in the race for the company's second headquarters on January, rumors are now flying around that Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, will announce the winner on his company's upcoming birthday.

The new headquarters, aka HQ2, will reportedly generate 50,000 new jobs with an average salary of 100k per year. With those figures, it's no wonder that the finalists in the running to be the home of HQ2 are duking it out to get Bezos to choose them as Amazon's additional base of operation.

The cities on the list, including Indianapolis Dallas, Los Angeles, Denver, Miami, Mongomery County in Maryland and others offered Bezos major incentives and tax relieves to lure him in and make him stay. Many have criticized the rat race into Bezos' heart and pocket in light of the major incentives he was promised (Maryland offered upwards of $8.5 billion), and while the whereabouts of HQ2 are unknown, everyone is a buzz to find out which city will be chosen by the well known CEO.

Some have even gone as far as checking the locations Bezos flew to with his jet, and hopefully the guessing game will end on July 5th and everyone will find out which is the lucky city to have HQ2 on its map.