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Best nerf guns review. A nerf fun is a child toy gun that fires foam balls, discs or darts, depending on which nerf gun model you choose to go with. With so many toys, we can never be sure we are getting the right nerf gun toy for our child. There are hundreds of nerf gun models out there and it can difficult to know which nerf gun is the best pick for your child. reviews team has spent countless hours to research and review the best nerf guns, so you don't have to. We have analyzed and picked the top nerf guns you can guy! See our top picks below:

Why Does Research Matter?

Nerf Guns differ in size, power, age suitability, ammo capacity and of course, price. It could be disappointing if you invested in a Nerf Gun that wasn't suitable for the person in question and unfortunately, with so many models out there, this could easily happen if proper research isn’t conducted before buying. The trick is to ensure that you select the Nerf Gun that falls between being challenging but not too challenging for the little one in question. This may seem like an impossible task but we've done all the hard work for you. Read our comparison of the best Nerf Guns on the market here!

Why is the Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K Our Editor's Choice?

Although you have the option to buy 6 D batteries, the Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K is also compatible with the Nerf Rival Rechargeable Battery Pack (sold separately). In addition, it also includes a trigger lock and tactical rail which gives users greater control of their Nerf Gun. It is available in red or blue and the user experience is excellent. The ammo falls smoothly through the funnel, lands on the conveyor belt and is then propelled out of the blaster. Finally, priced at just under $100 this is the most expensive nerf gun that we tested but if you're looking for something fast pace then this is for you.


Why do we Recommend the Nerf N-Strike Mega Mega Mastodon?

The 24-dart rotating drum is the key feature of the Nerf N-Strike Mega Mega Mastodon. In order to operate, all users need to do is load all of the 24 mega whistler darts into the drum, press the acceleration button which quickly powers up the motor and pull the trigger. This will cause darts to leave the Nerf Gun at a great speed, resulting in great excitement in any Nerf Gun battle. What's more, the shoulder strap and the carry handle are extra features which make the gun easier and more comfortable to use. Finally, priced at just under $80, this product is great value for money especially due to the fact that kids aged 8+ won't grow out of it quickly.


What Stands Out About the Nerf Modulus Regulator Toy?

This is the only Modulus Nerf Gun that we compared and we loved the amount of choice you have of parts that easily bolt on. With the Nerf Modulus Regulator Toy, you have the option of choosing from three barrel attachments, two of which can also be used as scopes and one of which that doubles up as a comfortable and convenient swiveling carry handle. Finally, priced at under $63 this product is outstanding value for money and if you're looking for a Nerf Gun with fewer frills then this is the best product for you.


Why do we Like the Nerf Zombie Strike Sidestrike Blaster?

Upon purchase, you will receive the Nerf Gun, a holster, 6 W. coded ZS darts and the instruction manual. The Nerf Zombie Strike Sidestrike Blaster is best for kids that get the most out of target practice and sneaking up on an unsuspecting opponent.  We really liked the fact that users are able to simply attach the holster to their belt with the belt clip so increasing their level of mobility. Finally, in terms of price at under a super love $19, this Nerf Gun is best that are looking for a simpler toy on a budget. 


Bottom Line

Purchasing a gift for a child is usually done at face value and if you are considering something like a Nerf blaster then even more so. With each Nerf Blaster looking more exciting and intimidating than the last, it can be easy to make an impulse decision based on looks alone. With most Nerf Guns being suitable for ages 8+ if is important to ensure that aside from looking cool, it is also fun, engaging and challenging to play with. Despite the fact that it's suitable for those age 14+, we still chose the Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K as our Editor's Choice. We like the fact that it's fully motorized and that the loading hopper holds around 100 rounds.

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