Little Boy Puts Everyone to Shame on Jimmy Kimmel's Name ANY Country

While president Trump is travelling the world on official duties, Jimmy Kimmel thought it would be great to play Name ANY Country, and the failing contestants are absolutely hilarious, until one boy surprises everyone...

President Trump is making the rounds these days in Europe and Russia, and his world-wide trip is the perfect opportunity to dust off the old map and Name ANY Country. Jimmy Kimmel's show went out on the streets armed with a map and a pointer to ask Americans if they can name any country, just any one country in the map.

 Well, it turns out that Africa is not a continent, but a country according to most of the contestants on Jimmy Kimmel, who failed miserably in this easy test. Luckily, one little boy showed up and became a beacon of hope for the future after he put all the older contestants to shame. Hopefully most Americans know to point out at least one country on the map, and if not, we hope they turn up in the next editions of Name ANY Country.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live