Mozilla New Scout Browser Offers Voice Commands

By Nicholas Brown — Published June 14, 2018

Mozilla New Scout Browser Offers Voice Commands

Browser developer Mozilla, who is the behind the popular Firefox web browser, is testing a new browser concept under the name of Scout. This new browser will be one to watch and possibly try if you care about your browser features. The new concept Scout browser will even have a Voice Support feature! This will enable Scout users to to control their experience through voice commands.

Corporate giants are investing a lot of money into smart homes, artificial intelligence and smart voice assistants such as Google Now, Amazon Echo, and Siri. Voice Support is expand from smart homes, phones and cars to now, browsers. Mozilla announced that Scout is programmed to move beyond the limitations of existing browsers.

The web browser industry is mainly dominated by Google Chrome, however, in 2017 Mozilla has had 170 million people worldwide who have downloaded Firefox. In comparison, Google chrome has over 1 billion active users worldwide!

Mozilla is working hard to gain tracking and capture more of the browser market. Earlier this year, Mozilla launched a new Facebook Container add-on to block and prevent tracking by social media. This is another attempt by Mozilla to add more users and compete with Google Chrome.

Mozilla is facing fierce competition in 2018 from Safari, Opera, Internet Explore and other newly innovative startups who are focusing on safer, more private web browsing.

We should all be excited to try all new features and browsers for best online user experience!

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