MoviePass Switches All Customers to Monthly Plans

By Karen Rice — Published August 26, 2018

MoviePass Switches All Customers to Monthly Plans

After a tough few months, MoviePass looks to find solutions in further policy changes. One of the biggest shifts in the way that it offers services to customers is by discontinuing the annual subscription plan. Annual membership costs $89 per year and in an attempt to stay afloat, MoviePass has canceled this year-long subscription option. An email was sent out to annual subscribers stating that annual plans will no longer be available and members will only be able to continue their subscription in the form of monthly membership. This is primarily in order to keep prices low and offer customers a larger library of films to choose from.

MoviePass stated in its email to annual members “After experimenting with different models and options, we believe that our current monthly plan captures the need of our community — keeping prices low while continually striving to offer a wider selection of films.” It continued to outline to those affected that “This new offering is part of the transition to our new subscription model. We’re excited to offer subscribers the option of going to three movies a month for $9.95 and providing up to a $5.00 discount for additional movie tickets.”

Customers have seen various changes over the past few months however up until now, annual members have not been affected. However, annual members will be converted to monthly subscribers and will have the same obligations as other monthly MoviePass monthly subscribers. This means that instead of having the luxury of unlimited movies per month, their limit of movies per month has been downgraded to just three. For some, three movies a month seems like a fair amount however other users have taken to social media to complain that they have been offered a limited selection.

It is no surprise that this shift from annual to monthly membership is one of the last changes that have been made. This is primarily due to legal concerns as customers have paid in advance according to specific services. Although the specifics of the conversion aren’t clear, MoviePass will be offering refunds for those who are uninterested in being monthly members which should help the company from a legal perspective.

MoviePass continued by stating that “We are grateful to our MoviePass community and have offered a number of our annual subscribers the option for a refund if the new plan doesn’t align with their viewing preferences. With this transition, we intend to offer more film options so subscribers can continue exploring a wide variety of movies. We believe that our new plan is a positive change in the right direction and that it captures the needs and desires of most of our MoviePass community in our journey for an accessible and quality movie experience.” Let's hope that the struggling movie subscription service has finally found the solution to slow its cash outflow.

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