What are the Most Sought-after Jobs these Days?

By Fred F. — Published May 31, 2018

What are the Most Sought-after Jobs these Days?

The steady progress of technology and with it the changing nature of the consumer base has forced industries to deviate from the traditional working patterns. This has brought about a shift in the nature of job roles and skill-set that is in demand today.

Effect of technology on the job market

When we look at the marketplace, we can see the impact of technology across various industries. The rise of technologies like AI and automation is increasingly replacing most physical labor and routine tasks. A significant portion of administrative activities such as database management and documentation no longer require human intervention. Having a grasp of software and software tools are increasingly becoming a desirable trait today. The use of such advanced technologies has led to a decentralization of jobs, with roles becoming more and more specific.

With the rise of smartphones and portable media, access to the internet is available everywhere, which means customers today are always active. Hence, while certain key jobs remain the same, such as those in the medical or engineering profession, the way those services are delivered today has changed. No matter what the job, the ways services connect with customers today require professionals to be knowledgeable about basics of online presentation and marketing.

The most popular jobs of the year

Most traditional jobs today are under threat from technologies like AI, cloud and other software services. However, certain professions have either always remained lucrative due to their immunity from automation or have risen to prominence especially because of such developments in the recent times. Mentioned below are a few examples of jobs that are most popular today in this dynamic economic climate.

1. Project / Operations Manager- The position of a project manager is one such role that is almost impossible to automate. Planning and managing resources, analyzing risks, understanding core company goals and mobilizing and coordinating between taskforce requires human creativity and management skills. Moreover, experience is a key factor in determining the success of a project manager. Through experience, a manager is aware of the possible sources of error, the strength, and weaknesses of teammates and the limitations of the organization. It is not easy to write code for such experience-based decision making.

2. Registered hospital nurse- The medical profession by nature demands human attention by its very nature. While a lot of the medical procedures have been automated, one of the essential components of wholesome patient care is the human touch. A machine cannot provide the warmth and essential emotional comfort that nurses provide. Nurses are not only required to coordinate between the medical staff and the patient, but also be attentive to the personal needs of the patient.

3. Cyber-security professional- The rapid adoption of software technologies such as cloud services and IoT (internet of things) has acted as a double-edged blade. The improvements in operational efficiencies have been brought about at the expense of data security. Hence, today there is a higher demand for skilled cyber-security professionals than ever before. Their job entails repeatedly analyzing the networks and software platforms of the company and find and check possible backdoors.
4. Software developer- Ever since the rise of computers, there has been a boom in the software industry. Since computers have become an inseparable aspect of the business world, the demand for software developers has only risen. The industry is sprawling all over the place with various branches such as AI, cloud, UI/UX, network architecture and software design among others. The industry will only continue to grow with the increasing applications of SaaS (Software as a Service).    

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