New Mobile Airbag Saves Our Smart Phones!

By Ben Harding — Published July 02, 2018

New Mobile Airbag Saves Our Smart Phones!

There is nothing worse than dropping your phone, bending down to pick it up off the floor and frantically assessing the damage caused. Thanks to German engineering student Philip Frenzel, soon, dropping your phone may not be all that bad thanks to his invention of the 'mobile airbag'.

Frenzel himself experienced the sheer frustration of breaking his smartphone when throwing his jacket over a banister. This was then followed by the internals of the smartphone falling over the floor which in turn, prompted him to find a solution.

The Mobile Airbag, formerly known as the AD (active damping), is not a large cushion, it is in fact a case that uses technology to sense when your phone is about to fall. It then releases metal prongs or springs from all four sides of the phone to 'cushion' the fall and protect it from damage or shattering. What's more there are dampers on each side of this new case that absorb the impact of the drop and can be reused simply by pushing them into the case after the deployment. In short, the protective shell has the aesthetic of a regular case but keeps the phone free from damage. This means that when the phone drops, it is able to bounce back, damage-free.

Since formulating and executing this revolutionary idea, Frenzel has since won an award from the German Mechatronics Society with the mobile airbag and expects to launch the device next month on Kickstarter along with fellow student Peter Mayer.

Unfortunately, the case is not yet available for purchase as Frenzel is waiting for patent approval. If things are as they seem, we will soon be saying goodbye to the fear of cracked screens, shattered phones and the expensive price tag of fixing them!    

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