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How to Make the Perfect Margarita


Contrary to popular belief, the Margarita was not born in South America but can in fact be traced back to the 'Café Royal Cocktail Book' in 1937. It has since grown in popularity, particularly in the '70s, and now has most likely taken the place of your go-to drink when you're out with the girls or day drinking on a summer's afternoon.

The Margarita is in the daisy family of cocktails and in fact, 'Margarita' is the Spanish word for daisy! All cocktails in the daisy family consist of a spirit, juice from a citrus fruit and something sweet to balance the citrus.

The ideal margarita is cool and crisp with the perfect balance of sweetness and citric sourness. Margaritas are either served on the rocks or straight up in a classic margarita glass. Whatever the way you prefer to drink your perfect summer cocktail one thing is for sure. You only need a few ingredients to make endless margaritas in the comfort of your own home.

  1. Tequila

The tequila you use should be 100% agave, made entirely from the agave nectar. If this statement isn’t displayed on the bottle then the likelihood is that the tequila is made with a percentage of agave, another spirit, artificial coloring and sweeteners which you should avoid. If you are looking to prepare a classic margarita then using blanco unaged tequila is best!

  1. Lime

The best margarita demands the freshest lime to achieve the crispest, freshest and lightest results. A secret amongst professionals is to roll the lime and to cut it diagonally to make it produce a greater volume of juice.

  1. The 'Sweetener'

Both professionals and amateurs alike tend to use an orange-based liqueur such as triple sec to give the margarita a kick of sweetness.

  1. Salt

Although salt is as crucial to the margarita as the tequila itself, so prefer to rim only half of the glass with salt so that consumers can drink to their taste. Salt is known for enhancing the flavors in the alcohol as well as softening the lime.

So, how do you make the perfect margarita? 

Step 1: Ensure you have all your ingredients

As you have already learned, the margarita is a cocktail with minimal ingredients! All you need to do is make sure that you have the 'fab four' which consists of 4 oz of high quality tequila, 2 oz of high quality orange liqueur, kosher salt, 1.5-2 oz of freshly squeezed lime juice as well as a few additional wedges for garnish.

Step 2: Rim your glasses with salt

First, pour around 2 tablespoons of kosher salt on a plate and ensure that it is spread evenly. Then, run a wedge of lime around the rim of both glasses to ensure that they are tacky. Dip the mouth of each glass in salt and gently tap off the excess. If you want, you can add a few ice cubes to each glass at this stage if you want to drink on the rocks.

Step 3: Combine your ingredients in a cocktail shaker

Add your tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice to the cocktail shaker and fill it with ice. Make sure the shaker is closed tightly and shake in order to ensure that ingredients are sufficiently combined and sufficiently chilled. Stop shaking before it sounds like the ice has been eroded to shards!

Step 4: Pour your margarita over ice and enjoy!

Divide the content of the shaker between the two glasses. Take your first sip and enjoy!