Low Cost and Free Online Programming Courses

By Kelly B. — Published February 25, 2018

Low Cost and Free Online Programming Courses

Traditionally, there were two primary ways in which you could acquire the necessary qualifications for a job. Depending on the specific profession, you either went to college or joined a training program. We depend on these methods even today.

However, things are changing and it’s now become possible to acquire qualifications through online courses. One field that’s currently benefiting from this is programming. With an online programming course, you can boost your resume and make yourself more marketable in a professional landscape that’s increasingly becoming tech-oriented.

In this blog, we are going to look at a few low-cost and free online programming courses that you can consider enrolling in. But, before that, let's look at what these online programming courses exactly are.

It doesn’t matter if you’re clueless about programming, there are several resources on the internet that can help you acquire programming skills. Some of them are available for free, while others might require you to pay a small fee.

Each program is designed to cater to a specific group of people/learners. So, if you’re interested in looking for an online programming course, there are a few considerations you need to make.

For starters, you need to look at pricing. There are free programs and if you find one that meets your needs, go for it. However, there are also several low-cost programs out there that might be better for you. So, assess your priorities before settling on one. In fact, paid courses can offer more in many ways.

Then, consider prestige. Ideally, it’s better to opt for programs that have ties with renowned educational institutions or corporate organizations.

Thirdly, consider purpose. Is the course able to offer exactly what you’re looking for? Don’t go for courses that cover a bit of everything. It’s better to focus on a specialization. For instance, if there’s a course that only focuses on Ruby, it would serve you be better if Ruby is what you are interested in.
Finally, consider the process. Is it just videos or will there be more interactive stuff like quizzes and tests? Also, look for online courses that offer evaluation.

Now that you have a rough idea of what to look for we’ve got a few suggestions for you to consider.

Free online programming courses
1. Codeacademy
Codeacademy offers free programming courses on Python, HTML, jQuery, CSS, and JavaScript. It’s quite effective and popular. Also, the learning process is interactive and perfect for beginners.

2. Code Avengers
This is a free superhero themed interactive online programming course that focuses on JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. The lessons are structured and designed to offer some hands-on learning.

3. Coursera
Coursera has tie-ups with over 30 universities and educational institutions and it's all free. You have a variety of courses to choose from and they’re fairly interactive. You even have a forum where you can discuss subjects and topics with other students.

The courses are suitable for all learning levels.

4. Rails for Zombies
Rails for Zombies is perfect for those who want to specialize in Ruby at no cost. Videos, presentations, and actual tools that help you experiment with code – these are some of the things you can look forward to.

Low-cost online programming courses

1. Lynda
Lynda is one of the older online learning resources. The site actually has over 100 instructors to help you out and plenty of videos that cover all kinds of topics. The monthly fee amounts to just $25. However, programming courses here are ideal for those who want to improve their current skills.

2. Treehouse
Treehouse charges about $29 a month and in exchange, it offers courses that cover everything from iOS to Android development. In fact, you can even learn to start your own firm. But, most importantly, it has tie-ups with big names like Facebook. So, you stand a chance of getting hired after the course gets completed.

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