Logitech Acquires Blue Microphones for $117 Million

By Natasha Makon — Published July 31, 2018

Logitech Acquires Blue Microphones for $117 Million

Logitech has announced its acquisition of California-based Blue Microphones for $117 million. This purchase will allow Logitech to expand their market to incorporate the needs of high-end audio recording and will help the company to achieve a wider global reach. Logitech CEO Bracken Darrell commented in a release that “Logitech’s acquisition of Blue Microphones will accelerate our entry into a growing market and offers another way for us to help bring people’s passions to life". Logitech currently owns Astro Gaming, Jaybird and Ultimate ears and the all-cash transaction means that Blue Microphones will soon join the current list of impressive brands.

Blue Microphones is a household name in the industry and is best known for their USB condenser microphones including the Snowball and the Yeti. Founded in 1995, Blue has since developed products that range in price from $60-$4,000+ in order to help users achieve higher-fidelity audio than the built-in microphones provided in most devices on the market. Despite this, the move could mean good things for current Blue fans who primarily use the equipment for studio recording, streaming, and podcasting.

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In a blog post which announced the news, Logitech stated that "Gamers are already using our Logitech G webcams to stream. People are video calling with friends and family thanks to Logitech every day. And in business, our audio and video know-how is apparent every time a video meeting takes place at the office." The user experience will only improve as a result of this partnership. Logitech continues "Joining up with Blue and their microphone lines is a logical adjacent opportunity with great synergies."

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