Editorial Team Releases More Product Comparisons

by Kelly B.

2 years ago
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Online shopping is popular now more than ever, and the market is overflowing with products for every need and purpose. Those who shop online often know that there is a high likelihood that some of the merchandise they ordered will be of low quality because they can't test them before the purchase. Luckily,'s editorial team is testing products every day and reporting on which ones are the best to buy.

Each product comparison category on the website includes several products in different price ranges, and each item has a score and also a link for a safe purchase from a known and secured website. This week the editorial team checked and compared some of the hottest and most wanted products everyone needs, and these are the top 5:

#1 The Best Camera Bags for Travel
Summer is the perfect time to travel around the country, and while camera phones can take some pretty decent photos, there's nothing like the quality of photographs produced by digital cameras. In order to protect your camera, you should put it in a special bag for travelling that will keep it safe from harm, like these awesome camera bags.

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#2 The Best Body Lotions for Dry and Sensitive Skin
Between air pollution, weather, and chemicals that we come in contact with on a daily basis, it's no wonder that our skin becomes easily irritated. If your skin is dry and sensitive, these top lotions will help revitalize it and bring back the moisture it is lacking, repairing the damaged caused by your environment.

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#3 The Best Baby Strollers Under $300
Some baby products can be very expensive, which can put a financial strain on parents, especially young ones. Baby strollers can be especially pricey, with some costing over $1,000! Luckily, we found some great quality ones that cost less than $300, like these four winners.

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#4 Best Hair Removal Machines for Women
Shaving hair every 2 or 3 days is time consuming, and using wax is messy and painful. For the women out there who want smooth and healthy skin, these are the best electric shavers and epilators that will not cause you any pain or irritation and will save you time and money.

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#5 The Best Canned Food for Cats
Humans aren't the only ones in need of a good bargain every once in a while. Some of the most beloved four-legged creatures – cats -- also like to get a good deal! While some canned foods for cats aren't too good for them, the ones reviewed by's editorial team are tasty, healthy and affordable.

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