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Improve Your Coffee Grinds With the Kruve Sifter Six!

The Kruve Sifter Six Reviewed!

Where would we without our morning coffee? The caffeinated craze seems to be growing by the day and with that, tools that help you to achieve the perfect cup of coffee are becoming more readily available to professionals and novices alike.

Some claim that the most important piece of equipment to achieve the perfect, richest flavor is a top-quality grinder! Professionals claim that a grinder is the key to a perfect brew as even grind size makes all the difference and provides you with a smooth and consistently good grind extraction as well as flavor. What's more, the grind will be uniform to perfection, every single time.

Now, allow us to introduce the Kruve Sifter, the perfect tool for a consistently good grind, time and time again. Upon purchase, you will receive the KRUVE sifter body and 12 sieves (200, 250, 300, 350, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900, 1000 and 1100 μm). So, how does it work? The Kruve sifter uses three different sections with two tiers of sieves that are differently sized. You have the option to choose from different sieves ranging anywhere from 200 microns to 1100 microns. After inserting the sieves, pour the coffee into the top section and shake for around 60 seconds. The oversized and undersized coffee particles are then trapped in the top and bottom sections of this gadget (which if used could present you with a tasteless or bitter cup of coffee), ensuring that you are left with a perfectly sized grind in the middle section.

Our reviewers claimed that they really enjoyed playing around with the various sieve sizes until the found the ground size that worked best for them to achieve a truly even extraction. What’s more, some testers also stated that they were impressed with the precision photo etched holes in the sieves which are more precise and made them feel as if they had more control over their brew, unlike with the older mesh sieve style that most are familiar with.

In terms of design, it really is a treat. The Kruve coffee sifter is available in 3 different colors to compliment any kitchen décor. What's more, the bamboo lid is classy and professional and can be used as a coaster for your mug so you will not run the risk of damaging your favorite coffee table! In addition, the sieves are made of stainless steel so not only do they look impressive, they are extremely easy to clean too! Our testers were over the moon with the fact that all they needed to do was to rinse it under warm water and allow the sieves to air dry.

Priced at under $90 this is not the cheapest coffee accessory on the market however for those with a background in home brewing coffee, it is worth every cent. Not only is this piece of equipment durable, but will successfully transform your coffee experience for the better.  



Bottom Line

When it comes to creating the perfect cup of coffee at home (or even at work!) it seems as if the search for the perfect gadget is never ending however when it comes to sifting your way to the perfect grind, the search is officially over according to our testers. It is a revolutionary idea that brings you smooth and flavorsome coffee time and time again. The value for money is great and suits 99% of coffee makers (including French press, pour over dripper, espresso machines and more!) so you will not be disappointed! If you want to take your coffee game up a notch then The Kruve is for you!

If you are a coffee fanatic and are looking for more, check out our comparison of the best coffee makers on the market!

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