Job Search Tips - How to Speed Up your Job Search!

By Kelly B. — Published February 18, 2018

Job Search Tips - How to Speed Up your Job Search!

Are you wondering how to find a job quickly? Don't worry, you are not alone. Job hunting is a time-consuming process because it requires you to ruminate on yourself and what you are looking for. It's often challenging to come up with a concrete answer. If your job search is taking a lot of time, here are a few job searching tips to speed it up:

Pay attention to your cover letter
Your cover letter is the most important thing to keep in mind while applying for a job. Your recruiter will consider your application only when you have a gripping cover letter attached with it. Your cover letter certainly shouldn't be a summary of your resume. It should show aspects of your personality that your resume does not cover. You can write about your employment gaps and career changes in a positive light and what you want to achieve in the future. A good cover letter grabs the attention of recruiters very quickly and increases your chances of being considered for an interview.

Be prepared always
One quality that can possibly get you a job is preparedness. The more prepared you are, the better your responses to recruiters would be. Always keep your resume up-to-date so that you can send to recruiters whenever you see an opening. Make sure you put your email address and phone number on your resume so that they can contact you easily. You can also consider opening a separate email account for your job search so that recruiters' emails don't get lost amongst your regular emails.

Try a job search engine
These can be a great help in finding a job. Ever since online recruitment websites came into being, the job search has become a lot easier and less time-consuming for people. You can check out a few job search engines available online that allow you to filter different jobs according to industry, experience, compensation, location, and job roles. Some of them offer premium services that includes expert resume-building services and expanded job search. These search engines not only help you save time during the job-hunting process but also provide relevant jobs that match your qualifications and skills.

Leverage the power of networking
The more you network, the more you become visible to potential companies who would like to have you onboard. Networking exposes you to different people and ideas and helps you develop a professional base. You should consider attending different events in your industry and be a little outgoing. Approach influential people in your industry and talk to them about your future plans. LinkedIn is also a great social media network that lets you connect with professionals and recruiters across industries. Be active on it and keep looking for jobs. You never know who you get connected with!

Pick up the phone and call them
While it's mostly believed that calling up the company for a job directly puts people in a desperate situation, it's not always true. If you call up the company asking about a job opening, it actually puts you in the recruiter's attention. He or she will get to know that you are actually interested in working with them. Be polite and don't be desperate. Yes, you need a job, but it doesn't mean you beg for it. Whenever you see a job opening, you can give them a call to ask about the job. Tell them how you got to know about the job and that you would be sending your resume. Be confident while talking so that you create a positive impression of yourself.

Looking for a job can be an intimidating process. But the above quick job search tips can help you save time and find the job you always wanted.

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