Jimmy Kimmel Claps Back at Sean Hannity Over Melania Trump Impersonation

Comedian and talk show host Kimmy Kimmel got in some pretty hot water with Fox News after his Melania Trump impersonation. After being called a ''despicable disgrace'' by Fox's Sean Hannity, Kimmel response in this video is nothing short than genius...

Jimmy Kimmel has been making some major headlines this past week over his Melania Trump impersonation; What started out as a part of his opening monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Live quickly escalated to an all-out media brawl that was spear-headed by Fox news. On one of the network's editions, Sean Hannity called Kimmel a ''despicable disgrace'' over the impersonation of the First Lady after she spoke at the Easter event at the White House. The funny man, who has been getting it from all ends, did not sit by and decided to respond to Hannity's description of him on his show. As usual, Kimmel used his unique brand of humor to clap back at Hannity that apparently does not like political jokes…take a look at his response:

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live