Features for the All New iPhone XS!

Features of the New iPhone XS

The newly released iPhone XS is a nifty upgrade to last year’s iPhone X. Despite pretty much the same major features and overall design, the new model packs its own surprises. The iPhone X and iPhone XS do not differ so much in size or shape, although the newer iPhone is a tad bit heavier (nothing you will notice). Below, we discuss some of the primary features of the New iPhone XS-

  • Largest ever display screen on an iPhone. 5.8in HDR OLED, 2436x1125, True Tone with 458 pixels per inch and DCI-P3 color range plus 120Hz touch input.
  • Durable glass, new shade of color and IP68 waterproofing, i.e., it can withstand 2 meters of water for up to 30 minutes.
  • The phone enables wireless charging and charges amply faster than the previous variant.
  • Improvements upon its Face ID. Unlock your iPhone and access your apps and accounts with facial recognition. Apple claims the iPhone XS to have faster Face ID than any of its phones before.
  • Apple’s newest chipset – the A12 Bionic chipset exceeds most other smartphones in its powerful performance. The hexa-core CPU has four optimized cores and two “power” cores. While wholly unnecessary in everyday functions, this enables it better graphics while operating in Augmented Reality. The “Neural Engine” component of the phone makes your phone more intelligent as it picks up cues from how you use your phone. Overall, the phone is much faster than the other iPhones on the market.
  • The iPhone XS’s iOS 12 is the same as in other iPhones too. However, three enhancements have been made to it. Grouped notifications stop your home screen from being flooded with notifications if you have happened to be away from your phone for a while. A simple tap and swipe will allow you to view and access these notifications. The second enhancement made is to the Screen Time. You can now monitor the duration for which you have used your phone or spent time on an app. You may proceed to cut down on this time if you so wish. The last improvement is the Memoji, i.e., a step up from last year's Animoji. Apart from the regular emojis, you can now use the iPhone’s TrueDepth front camera to build emojis by incorporating your likeness via facial mapping.
  • Cameras – The Rear Camera is 12MP with wide angle f/1.8 and OIS plus 1.4-micron pixels. Also, 12MP telephoto f/2.4 with OES and 1.0-micron pixels. The Front Camera is 7MP with f/2.2. It comes with a second-generation TrueDepth module and can record 1080p at 60fps.
  • Battery life – Apple iPhone XS offers better battery life than any of its other predecessors.
  • Other specifications include – Weight – 6.24 ounces and Size – 5.65 inches x 2.79 inches by 0.3 inches.


If one was to compare the iPhone XS with the previous iPhone X version, they would find that there are certain improvements that make the new iPhone XS stand out. The processor is more efficient and the processing speed too is much faster. The camera on the iPhone XS comes equipped with a new sensor and new lenses. Also, the front camera is much faster in this model. Same for the Face ID which appears to be faster in comparison to the iPhone X. The waterproofing on the phone has gone up a notch from IP67 to IP68. It has better battery life and enhanced wireless charging capabilities. The stereo sound is also much improved from the previous version. Overall, the new iPhone XS makes a decent buy.




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