Should I Get an iPhone or a Samsung

Should I Get an iPhone or a Samsung

When it comes down to making a decision regarding purchasing a smartphone, it really comes down to just one decision, choosing between an iPhone and an Android smartphone. As far as the android market goes, Samsung clearly dominates the field with its range of smartphones catering to every price range. The choice between an iPhone such as iPhone X and a high-end Samsung smartphone such as the Galaxy S9 is not an easy one.

Both offer the best hardware possible and the best version of their own operating systems. Quite often the decision boils down to the comfort of the user in the respective OS namely, iOS and Android.   

The previously released Samsung's Galaxy S8 has become one of the established standards in the world of smartphones with its slanting screen edges, top of the line processors and a perfect Android OS to go with the hardware. Compared to this, Apple had its iPhone 7 which has long been surpassed by both the iPhone 8 and iPhone X and the latest three models. Apple is still selling the iPhone which speaks of Apple's trademark durability and attention to ergonomics and detail. Mentioned below are some critical parameters based on which one can make the decision between an iPhone and a Samsung.

  • Hardware differences- Hardware is one of the most critical areas which separates an iPhone from a Samsung mobile. With an Apple, you get the absolutely polished and best-optimized architecture of products. At the same time, Apple has a very tight restriction on both its hardware and software. It's not open to a lot of diversity in hardware or customizability of software. On the other hand, Samsung has a wide range of phones which provides a plethora of choices in terms of hardware. It also offers top-notch hardware such as processors and camera at a much affordable rate. So the here the question really is about making a choice between a polished but closed-in product and a product with a lot of freedom and choices.
  • User-friendliness of the operating system- Both Apple and Samsung seamlessly update their customer's phones to the latest version of the OS (provided their model supports the current update), hence here it's not a question of getting the faster update but about the user-friendliness of the OS. With iOS, everything is optimized to provide a very fluid and fast interface. The command and gestures are intuitive and there are a number of ways of navigating with ease. With Android, the emphasis is more on the number of apps that the user can download. Android offers a greater flexibility in terms of apps. iPhones are typically restrictive in terms of the apps in order to preserve their brand of user experience.
  • The Gaming Experience- People often associated handheld gaming with consoles such as the Nintendo DS or the Sony's PlayStation Vita, but with the dawn of high-powered iPhones, the mobile gaming industry has shifted in favor of Apple. Products such as the new iPhone XS, XR and XS MAX have taken their video game experience to a whole new level with the introduction of AR featured games and top of the online games such as Elder Scrolls. The android market, on the other hand, faces the second wave of the gaming industry. Game developers first develop games for the iOS market and then release it in the android's stores. There also a lot of intrinsic problems with developing games for the android market. In order to bypass those difficulties a lot of game studios have stopped developing for android market altogether.


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