How to Use Pinterest!

How to use Pinterest

Did you know that 200 million people use Pinterest each month discovering products, recipes, influencers and a heck of a lot more? Pinterest and other social media is a marketer’s dream. People willingly sharing their likes and dislikes lets companies profile people. This lets them find out who is most likely to indulge in their products or services.

Two cool statistics that should excite businesses are –

    More than half (more than 52%) of Pinterest users have said that Pinterest has aided them in finding items to buy.

    61% of Pinterest users have said that they’ve discovered new brands and products from the promoted pins section.

Now that you’ve seen why Pinterest is being targeted by marketers everywhere, let us look at tips for how businesses should use Pinterest.

1.    Share only the best ideas – Pinterest has said that the best pins represent the best ideas which mean that they’re inspirational and actionable. They’ve advised businesses to create pins which have a clear audience as well as make the audience feel engaged.

2.    Look for your audience – Targeting a niche group of users will prove far more successful than targeting an unspecified audience. Sharing consistent content makes people look at you as a regular source of inspiration and information which will produce great results within Pinterest’s algorithm.

3.    Think long term and not short term – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have user engagement which typically peaks within the first 24-48 hours. Pinterest is different because content continues to grow over the following days, weeks and months. This is why Pinterest works so great for businesses. It works to provide long-term growth to your business. In other words, being patient and consistent is the name of the game with Pinterest.

how to use pinterest

4.    Make your content more visual – Pinterest is not used by its users because it shows them vast paragraphs of rich text. It is popular because it is a highly visual medium. Your time will be better spent if you post quality images rather than witty stories. Another important thing to note is that lifestyle images have the tendency to outperform product images. Fashion and style pins in real life settings enjoy 30 percent more clicks and 170 percent more checkout rates than images which only show the product alone.

5.    Don’t give the words a backseat – The above tip tells you to focus on visuals. However, you shouldn't ignore the text completely. Visuals on their own do not create serious engagement. The description field should be used to tell Pinterest users what is going to happen if they click a link to your website. It is also helpful to try to incorporate important keywords in a natural way which will help the algorithm display your pins appear on the search.

6.    Analytics exist to be used – Use Pinterest analytics because it will give your business crucial information about which content is currently performing the best. This will help you tweak your Pinterest which will translate to business results over time. Pinterest analytics also lets you see which Pins are the most popular and which are giving your site the most traffic. All of this data is important because it helps businesses fine-tune their approaches.

7.    Give Pinterest’s buyable pins a go – Buyable pins are driving major conversions because they let users make purchases through a pin without leaving Pinterest. This is great for businesses because it reduces the amount of time that a user can think about a purchase which translates to increased sales

If you’re a business and you’re still not using Pinterest in 2018, you are at a major disadvantage. Secure the long-term future of your business by trying it today.