How to Travel on a Tight Budget

By Eddie V. — Published March 06, 2018

How to Travel on a Tight Budget

Given a choice, most of us would love to live a vagabond life. After all, we exist on an incredible planet that has a multitude of countries, people, foods, and activities. An entire lifetime is not enough to explore the wonders that exist on earth. However, the only and most crucial factor that keeps us from traveling to anywhere and everywhere in the world is our budget.

Despite money posing as a hindrance in everyone’s travel plans, there are many people who have achieved their dream of traveling full time. These people do not necessarily come from wealthy families, nor have they stumbled upon a magical fortune. Such travelers have come up with creative solutions for their travel budget problems. If by using these tactics some people are living their dream, what is stopping us to do the same?

Following are some tips on traveling on a tight budget:

❖ Plan your destination according to your budget
While you would like to explore every country, it would be wise to start off with low-budget countries until you get a hang of budget traveling. A quick Google search will help you learn which country or city fits within your current budget.

❖ Plan your trip well in advance
Once you finalize your destination, do not simply book your tickets and head off. Plan your trip 2–3 months before actually starting it. Doing so will help you get air tickets at a cheaper rate. It will also help you explore budget accommodation options. Conduct a thorough research of your destination to make a list of activities you would like to take up on your trip. Also, check which activities are for free or cheap.

❖ For accommodation, do not go for conventional hotel options
Opting for hotels will never keep your trip under budget. Go for hostels or stay as a paying guest to cut on accommodation costs. Options like Airbnb, HostelWorld, Agoda will help you find amazing places to stay at a very affordable price. Some websites like CouchSurfing also help travelers stay with locals for free.

❖ Avoid traveling in peak seasons
Every country has specific peak seasons when the tourism costs are quite high. A prior research will make you aware of the season you should choose to travel to a particular place while keeping your budget in mind.

❖ Save on meals
While finalizing your accommodation, look for a place with a kitchen so that you can save on food by cooking yourself. Avoid mainstream restaurants and communicate with locals to find places with delicious yet affordable food. Pack a picnic whenever you can to avoid unnecessary expenditure on meals.

❖ Install a budget-tracking app
Many apps help you keep a track of your daily expenditures. Note every expense you make on your trip on such apps and save yourself from overspending.

❖ Use public transport
Traveling by cabs may turn out to be an expensive affair on your trip. Opt for buses and trains as much as you can. You can also rent a bicycle or a bike and experience the real beauty of traveling in an unknown place.

❖ Freelance to earn an extra buck
The best way to earn money while traveling is to freelance. Browse websites that offer freelancing opportunities such as Freelancer or Upwork and look for services that you can provide to customers. Writing, editing, website development, and teaching are some such projects that you can take up.

❖ Take natural souvenirs
Though you will be tempted to buy souvenirs from stores, you can get home much more memorable souvenirs. Collect shells from a beach, save a beautiful flower in your book or gather your travel receipts – be creative.

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