How to Save Money When Buying a TV?

By Peggy B. — Published February 15, 2018

How to Save Money When Buying a TV?

You might have been dreaming of buying a television set for a pretty long time but it seems as though there is never a good time to buy one. Purchasing a TV can mean a slight distortion in your current budget and also, a big hole in your pocket. Nevertheless, there is still a chance that you could buy a television at a reasonable price. All you have to do is to find out the best time to buy a TV at a discount. Throughout the year, there are certain times when there are massive deals on purchasing a TV and it is best to buy your dream screen during this time in order to save some money.

Here is the ideal time for purchasing a TV in a year:

January to February
If you are planning to purchase a TV sometime soon, the months of January and February are a good time to consider the purchase. The reason is quite simple. January and February is the season of Super Bowl a.k.a the biggest football game and big discounts on large screen TVs. This is because much of the appeal in the Super Bowl season lies in watching the game on a big screen TV while lazing around at home. In addition, by February, most of the TV models will have been outdated and the best way to sell them is to offer large discounts.

TV sales start from the beginning of January and continue right up until the end of February. You can get big savings on 49-inch and 65- inch screens.

Black Friday sales
The holiday season is the best time of the year for almost anything, even shopping big screen TVs. You can get great deals on the latest model TVs during Black Friday sales from a number of major retailers such as Amazon. You can get as much as half off on prices if you decide to purchase a TV during the weeks of Black Friday.

The Spring season
The spring season is when all the major TV brands launch their latest releases. In order to make space for these newer models, the outdated models will be sold at large discounts. This is an ideal time to purchase a TV if you are planning to do so. Sure, your latest TV might be a year old in reality, but it is still brand new and you can actually save money on your purchase.

Keeping looking for discounts
With the impact social media has on our life and shopping habits, you can easily keep track of the latest discounts on certain models of large screen TVs. Keep your eyes and ears open and you may be able to track down a TV set at a discounted price. In addition, retailers often have weekly and daily deals. Keep checking their websites and social media pages to get information about such discounts and make your move when the time is right. It requires a bit of patience, but the reward is sweet.

Additional tips while purchasing a television:

Ask for a price match guarantee
Whenever you purchase a TV, make sure to ask the retailer for a price match guarantee. This way, you can get a discount if the prices drop. Most retailers offer a 30-day price match guarantee upon asking.

Do not purchase extended warranty
Instead of purchasing an extended warranty while purchasing your TV, simply use your credit card or purchase from retailers who extend your warranty without having to pay extra for it. In most cases, you won't be needing an extended warranty since TV brands are quite reliable most of the time.

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