How to Lose Weight and Remain Healthy

How to Lose Weight and Remain Healthy

Weight loss is essentially a natural biological process and is quite simple to understand. After all, it is all about eating fewer calories than your body burns off on a daily basis. And yet, there are millions of people out there who are constantly struggling with the extra pounds and unable to achieve the desired results. The problem lies in the fact that like all natural processes, weight loss too takes times and cannot be achieved overnight.


On the other hand, people prefer employing quick fixes of melting away their extra flab within a few days or weeks. Given the fact that it is nearly impossible to get in shape in such short span, people who are trying to lose weight become easily disheartened and lose all motivation to push harder. As a result, they are led to believe that getting the perfect body is something they can only dream of and never really achieve in real life.


The key to healthy and sustainable weight loss is focusing on lowering your body’s fat percentage and not being driven merely by the figure on the scales. Also, it is important to lose weight at a healthy and natural pace rather than going on crash diets and severely depriving your body of essential nutrients such as carbs. The point we are trying to make here is that if you wish to lose weight and remain healthy for an entire lifetime, you need to focus on making permanent yet practical changes in your regular lifestyle and eliminating bad food habits. Here are a few effective ways in which you can not only attain your dream figure but also maintain it in the long run.

Reform your lifestyle

As aforementioned one of the best ways of achieving healthy and sustainable weight loss is making fundamental changes in your lifestyle on the whole. Instead of torturing your body beyond its scope of tolerance at the gym and obsessing over every single calorie you consume in a day, you must focus on making subtle tweaks and updates in your regular life. Mend your unhealthy dietary habits by switching empty calories with nutritious natural foods and veggies. Add a healthy workout routine to your weekly schedule to ensure optimum levels of activity for the overall fitness and wellbeing of your body and mind. Remember, the ‘all or nothing’ approach will never promise you lasting results when it comes to something as critical as weight loss.

Purge your pantry

One of the biggest culprits that typically plays a major spoilsport in every weight loss regime is the unnecessary in between meals cravings for all things sugary and deliciously savory. It is best to stop stacking processed foods and snacks from the store in your kitchen, especially when you are just starting out with a weight loss routine. Doing this will essentially improve your focus on the weight loss goal and prevent you from getting distracted by your sinful cravings for comfort foods. Also, when you do not have easy access to your favorite cookies, chips, and sodas right at home, chances are that you would prefer staying without them rather than driving up to the store to satiate your hunger pangs.

Give up smoking

Regular exercise is an integral and indispensable part of any weight loss routine. However, in order to be able to perform at your peak level at the gym, you need to possess the required stamina and endurance in your body and mind. Studies indicate that lowered energy levels and reduced stamina are two of the major side effects of smoking cigarettes. That being said, heavy smokers have been typically found to be less energetic and lower on strength during workouts. So, if you are seriously considering losing weight and are already addicted to cigarette smoking, it might be a good idea to quit now and enhance the fitness of your body to push harder and achieve greater levels of strength and endurance.

Make healthy choices

Losing weight commands great dedication and focus, and you cannot expect to achieve your fitness goals by being lax or unmindful of the unhealthy habits that you are so used to. You must understand that weight loss is a slow and natural process that can be achieved only by revising your diet and exercise routine and sticking to it in the long run. For this, you need to proactively engage in making healthier choices such as picking a nutritious chicken salad as a replacement for fried chicken nuggets and wings. Switch sugary sodas and packaged juices with fresh fruit smoothies and detox drinks. Ditch the elevator and take the stairs instead. The idea is to start making healthy life choices today to ensure a fit and disease-free tomorrow.

Watch your portion sizes

Regardless of however tempting super-sized meal portions might be (after all the more comfort food you eat, the higher the comfort you derive), you must take to eating smaller portion sizes for shaving off the extra pounds. Eat six smaller meals a day instead of stuffing yourself with two massive king size meals. By following this simple routine, you would not only be able to effectively reduce your calorie intake on a regular basis but also be able to enjoy your favorite desserts and candies every once in a while. Remember, eating a small helping of your favorite chocolate mousse is a far healthier alternative to gorging on the entire bowl of that decadent indulgence for dinner.

Watch the nutritional value

A highly effective way of following a healthy and well-balanced diet routine is keeping a track of the nutritional information of packaged foods that you consume. All packaged foods contain labels that not only provide information on the serving sizes but also list out the percentages of calories, vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, proteins and so on incorporated in them. You can make good use of this information in determining whether a particular food item aligns with your daily recommended calorie allowance or not. Monitoring the nutritional value of foods will also enable you to actively make healthy diet choices and accelerate the process of your weight loss, while also ensuring your mental and physical fitness and well being.

Plan your meals

The best way to avoid mindless eating is making a schedule and planning your future meals in advance. A majority of us end up ordering quick takeaways for dinner as we do not have adequate time at hand for preparing a home cooked meal after a stressful day at work. Restaurant meals and packaged foods are not only incredibly unhealthy when it comes to their caloric value, but also are severely low on vital nutrients that your body needs for proper growth and functioning. By planning your meals in advance and also keeping certain pre-preparations in place, you will not only be able to quickly churn up fresh home cooked meals within no time but also be able to make healthy choices when it comes to incorporating less oil and fats and more proteins and fibers in your everyday diet. Also, planning your meals will help with preparing your weekly shopping list and ensuring that you do not have to sacrifice a healthy dinner just because you have run out of your supply of avocados.