How to Deal with Being Fired

By Eddie V. — Published May 06, 2018

How to Deal with Being Fired

Getting fired is a terrible thing to happen. However, what we always forget that life does not end there. People often get stuck on ‘why!?’ rather than thinking ‘what next?’. Knowing how to accept the fire in a more productive manner is all that it takes to help you bounce back in life and keeping that rough patch to a bare minimum.

1. Know your rights
The first thing to do when you are fired is to learn about your rights. Your employers may not always fully reveal to you what your rights are when you are being fired– and there can be quite a few if you research upon it. Talk to experts, experienced persons and seniors, legal consultants and do some reading up on the net. You are sure to find something that works in your favor, which you should then boldly, clearly place before your employees.

2. Learn what you are entitled to
In case there is no way around what has happened, and you are definitely going to be given the boot, then you should at least look for the things that you are entitled to when getting separated from the company. Again, your employers may not reveal these things fully to you, and it will be up to you to find out about these things and make a strong case for yourself before your bosses. In fact, your rights and entitlements are things you should be well-versed even when there is no risk of losing your job.

3. Know how to behave
This is more about maintaining your image than anything else. How you receive things, however bad, speaks volumes about your character. Even though you have been fired, you should maintain your decorum and respect. Your behavior should be such that your employers should feel sorry to have fired you and should make them doubt their decision.

4. Take a moment to calm down
Once you are fired, there is no point panicking or worrying about it. You should learn to calm down, and accept things positively. This does not mean that you should be happy about losing your job! Accepting things positively means to have the mental clarity and maturity to accept your situation and think of what has to be done next. As mentioned above, there may be plenty of rights and entitlements you can use to your advantage, and by panicking, you may simply overlook these things, thereby losing out even on the little that you could have gained for yourself.

5. Think productively
Calming yourself down is also important because now you need to invest your mental resources towards more productive matters. Once you are fired, it is done– that chapter is over. Cribbing and whining about it, is not going to take you anywhere. Now you need to think “What next?”. The amount of time you waste on useless thoughts about having gotten fired could be put to better use to getting a new job or to help you find a new career path for yourself! Most of us waste our time on thoughts that are pointless. If only we used our mental faculties to things that are productive, life would be much more meaningful.

6. Find out why you were fired, and what you could do to prevent such events in the future
This is an important part of getting fired. Knowing why you got fired and learning what skills could have prevented such a thing from happening will empower you and add value to your career as a professional. Be upfront about this, and have a frank talk to your employers about this, and work on improving yourself.

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