How to Get the Best Online Deals

By Norman G. — Published April 25, 2018

How to Get the Best Online Deals

If you have never sifted through tons of websites looking for that one 50 percent offer coupon or that lucrative 'buy one get one' offer, then you have not yet imbibed the true spirit of a shopper.

The best part about shopping online, especially on e-commerce sites, is that there are a zillion ways and more to hunt down offers and discount codes to get you the best prices for anything from cookware to electronics.

Here are 5 great tips on how to find the best deals online:

Use social media to your advantage
Often, when a company decides to give out offers, all the information is found on social media. Facebook and Twitter are the social media platforms where most of these deals are announced. Keep track of your favorite brands on these social media platforms and you are likely to be notified when a sale or offer comes unannounced.

In addition, brands often set up promotional games and surveys which, in most cases, offer discount codes as rewards or sometimes, if you are lucky enough, you might even land a giveaway.

Brands like Nike, Coach, and Adidas often have some or the other sale going on and they are usually announced on Twitter or Facebook.

Take advantage of subscription services
E-commerce sites like Amazon have subscription services on regular household items. Once you subscribe to one of these services, not only will you receive deliveries automatically every month, you will also receive up to 20 percent on these items.

For Amazon, the subscription services can be availed by Amazon Prime members. In addition to quick deliveries, Amazon Prime members are also entitled to free shipping on most products.

Also, you can browse through online deals on products like books, diapers, music, and so on.

Make use of price comparison websites
Websites like Google Shopping and NexTag go through several websites to find the best deals and bargains on any product of your choice. You can easily get a list of the different retailers that are selling the product currently and choose the best deal from this list. Not only do these websites help you find the best prices on products, but websites like Google Shopping ensure that you are looking at high-quality retailers and have access to advanced filter options.

Price comparison websites like Google Shopping also have an excellent customer service and is easy to use.

Shop extensively at the end of a season
Shopping at the end of holiday seasons like Christmas, New Year, and Thanksgiving is a sure shot way to get your hands on some free discounts. This also applies to the time when new models are about to come in and old models are being cleared away. For instance, the latest models of furniture are usually out by February of every year. To make room for the latest models, retailers hold clearance sales all throughout January. If you don't mind furniture that is outdated by a year, then January is the best time for purchasing some new furniture.

Similarly, when the holidays are about to end, there are excellent deals on winter products and holiday paraphernalia, making it the best time to purchase everything you need for the next season.

Log onto discount shopping websites
Discount websites are a great way to get deals and discount coupons for almost anything. You can get excellent deals on brands like Macy's, Amazon, Home Depot, and so on. Some discount shopping websites even conduct games for their customers so that they can win amazing prizes.

Most of these websites require you to play a simple game, post an ad or simply take a survey to be eligible for discount coupons and gift cards.

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