How to Decide on a Career When You Cannot Make Up Your Mind

By Arthur B. — Published February 25, 2018

How to Decide on a Career When You Cannot Make Up Your Mind

As a qualified professional, you have a ton of career choices to look at. However, no matter how confident or experienced you are, “I can’t decide my career” is a line that’s likely to run through your head in such situations.

Well, we’ll we’ve got a few ideas that teach you how to make up your mind on a career. Take a look.

Carry out some self-assessment
You might have the right qualifications and even the experience, but it never hurts to assess yourself. To assess yourself means to simply learn who you are and what you can offer in relevance to a certain career or job. Conduct an audit of your skills, aptitude, interests, personality, and even your values.

Once you have an idea, try matching these with a range of occupations. Even if you don’t arrive at something specific, you’ll at least be able to narrow down your options.

To carry out the assessment, you can make use of certain assessment tools. A good example of an assessment tool would be your typical career test. Career tests can be used to gather details about the traits we just mentioned above and provide you with a list of professions that match those details.

Other than that, you can also hire the services of a career counselor. Career counselors are trained individuals who can guide you regarding career choices. More specifically, they can help you identify roadblocks and navigate the path to a wholesome career.

Create lists
As we stated earlier, there are obviously a number of career options out there and you’re likely to have arrived at a few specific ones based on the results of your career test. We suggest you start by organizing these options into lists based on certain criteria.

First, list out jobs that show up on more than one career test result. These are jobs that have been recommended to you because you have traits that match the requirements set by them. Then, make a list of jobs that you, as an individual, find appealing. Lastly, add jobs that you’re clueless about, but are interested in exploring.

Once the lists are complete, start researching about each profession. This will help you narrow down things further as you figure out what you like about a certain profession and what you don’t. You’ll simply get closer to options that meet most of your requirements.

The next step is to narrow down things even further. Eliminate the options that don’t meet 90% of your requirements. This will end up creating a “short list” of sorts. The remaining jobs are what you’re likely best suited for as they meet most of your expectations.

So, start applying and prepare yourself for interviews.

Identify goals
Another way to identify a good career is by identifying your goals first; both, long term and short term. By identifying goals, you can essentially figure out which job suits you the best. You should be able to see yourself 5 years into the future and assess the possibility of you being able to meet that goal in a chosen job.

Will your short-listed career option make it possible for you to achieve your goals? If your answer is a yes, you’ve found your calling.

It’s easy!
So, as you can see, it’s not that hard to find your “dream” job. All it takes is a little due diligence. Take the time do all the research possible and definitely take those career tests. Even if they aren’t accurate, they give you an approximate idea of what to look for. You won’t have to waste any more time trying figure out how to decide on a good career.

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