How to Choose a Lawyer?

By Peggy B. — Published February 21, 2018

How to Choose a Lawyer?

At times, we find ourselves requiring legal support. Be it to complete estate proceedings or to finalize a divorce, a lawyer is an integral part of the process. Choosing a lawyer can be a challenging task.

For one, we need to be aware of the various types of lawyers present in the industry. Next, we need to whet the different lawyers to identify an individual who can successfully represent us at the Court of Law.

To help you understand how to choose a lawyer, we’ve created a guide with the steps that you need to follow when evaluating and finalizing on an attorney. Take a look.

How to choose a lawyer to represent you?

❖ Determine the type of attorney you’re looking for
The first step is to decide the type of lawyer you need. There are various areas of law and each lawyer specializes in a different area. The major lawyer types you need to be aware of are:

• Family lawyer
He/she specializes in family legal cases such as prenuptial agreements, divorce, child custody, and spousal support.

• Criminal lawyer
This is someone you need to approach if you need representation for a criminal case, such as a homicide, kidnapping, and so on. He/she can arrange for bails, arraignments, and plea bargains.

• Property lawyer
Is your property in contention? If yes, then you’ll need the services of a property lawyer to represent you. Most property lawyers also help with estate planning and will management.

• Corporate lawyer
These lawyers specialize in representing businesses during IP battles, corporate governance concerns, and compliance issues.

• Tax lawyer
This is a lawyer who can help you deal with any IRS-related issues.

❖ Contact the local BAR association for a list of attorneys
Next, once you’ve decided on the type of lawyer you need, you can contact the BAR association for a listing. Here, you’ll also get to see the qualifications of the lawyers and where they work out of.

❖ Check online listings of legal aid companies
If you don’t like the listing provided by the local BAR association, you can conduct an independent research of all the companies specializing in the type of legal aid you need.

You can also ask your loved ones for referrals.

❖ Make a list of the chosen attorneys and visit their websites
It’s always best to make a list of the attorneys you like in order to make the selection process easier. Visit their websites, read their blog, understand their specialization and expertise, and contact their company to get a brochure.

Retain those attorneys whose services and beliefs match your own, and who has the best chance of successfully representing you.

❖ Make an appointment for a consultation
We recommend that you visit all the lawyers you still have on your list. Personally visiting the attorney will give you a better insight into whether they are the right choice or not. Most lawyers offer free initial consultations and it’s best to use this facility to whet them.

If personally visiting them isn’t possible or if the chosen attorney is from another state, then it’s best to schedule a telephonic interview.

During the appointment, be sure to find out more information about the lawyer’s success rate, availability for the case, the delivery time of report work and other factors that may be important to you.

❖ Compare quotations and success rates
The cost of the legal services and the success & failure rates of the lawyer for cases such as yours are two of the most important considerations when choosing an attorney. Once you’ve visited all the people on the list, compare these important factors and finalize your decision.

❖ Go with a lawyer you’re comfortable with
Finally, choose the lawyer who you’re comfortable working with. Go with your gut if you have a strong positive feeling about the attorney.

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