How to Build a Powerful LinkedIn Profile

By Kelly B. — Published March 22, 2018

How to Build a Powerful LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is one of the largest professional networking sites there is today. A LinkedIn profile does not just give you a way to connect with companies and people you would like to work with but also gives you a platform to give your resume some visibility.

Recruiters from across industries look through LinkedIn profiles to find good candidates to hire for job openings. But just making your resume visible is not enough; with thousands of hopefuls posting their resumes on the site, you need to really stand out to gain some attention. Follow these guidelines to help you build a powerful LinkedIn profile that potential employers will stop to take a second look at.

Steps to build a powerful LinkedIn profile

1. Capture them with your headline: The first thing anyone sees when going through your profile is the headline which will appear just below your name. If you are still studying, you can put what subject you are studying and your future profession; for example, “Biotechnology Student working towards a profession in the pharmaceutical industry”. If you are already working, don’t just put down your designation but a description of how good you are at what you do as well. A website designer could say, “Website Designer, speeding up the Internet one good design at a time”. These little descriptions actually make a recruiter curious enough to read your full bio which greatly increases your chances of getting shortlisted.

2. Make your profile picture stand out: LinkedIn is a professional networking site, so cute selfies that are a hit on Facebook and Instagram won’t cut it here. If you want to come across as a professional who is serious about doing a job well, you need a profile picture that conveys that message. Use a picture that clearly shows your face with a friendly or neutral expression. Avoid pictures that look too serious or goofy. Choose your background well so that it doesn’t distract but at the same time coveys a bit about you; for example, if you are into adventure sports, you can be standing in a rock climbing wall or if you like animals, you could be at an animal shelter.

3. Keywords: Most profiles get thrown up because of keyword searches. If you are looking for a job as a content writer, make sure to use those words a few times in your profile summary. Also, use terms like article writer, content developer, blog content, and so on so that your summary doesn’t look repetitive. You also widen your search options when you put in more than one keyword in the summary. Make sure to write an interesting summary while incorporating your keywords. Describe yourself, what you are currently doing, and where you see yourself in the future. A content writer can write a description such as, “I am a content writer who has a gift for writing clear, easy to read content. I have five years of content development experience and am looking for opportunities that can help me grow as a writer and a communicator”. A summary like that is both descriptive and contains keywords.

4. Your experience: List out all your previous jobs and the experience you gained from them. If you are a student, you can still fill in part-time jobs you took up during the summer or volunteer work you have done. Every experience teaches you a skill and you should let any potential employers know that you have gained this knowledge.
5. Let your accomplishments speak: If you have a way of showing how good you have been at previous jobs, you should put that in your profile. If you have won any awards at previous organizations, you should let your possible future employers know. If you have volunteered as a teacher in a school for underprivileged children and those kids did well, you can talk about that in your profile.

By following each of these steps, you can build a LinkedIn profile that is powerful, interesting, and one that increases your chances of finding a great job.

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