Interview Questions

By Israel S — Published January 18, 2018

Interview Questions

How to Answer Interview Questions

The 14 Most frequently asked interview questions:

1. Where/ How did you hear about this position?
Mention the webpage or name of the hiring agency or web chatroom where you knew about this vacancy. If you saw the advert in newspaper or internet classifieds mention it. This data helps the employer to know how to source the vacancy adverts.

2. Why should we hire you? / Why do you think you are best suited for this job?
Be sure to answer this question with a confidence that will convince the employer their need to hire you over the rest.

3. Tell me something about yourself
It is best to answer this question with your skills and abilities pertaining to the job rather than your social lifestyle. Stick to the work and what your interests are in regards to the requirements for the position. Mentioning your social or party lifestyle may not be relevant to the position applied.

4. What is your greatest strengths/qualities?
This is the most common question employers ask. It is advisable to state your qualities that best suit the position you are applying for. This is critical to the employer and could set you apart from the rest.

5. What is your major weaknesses?
This also a popular question asked by interviewers. Do your best to show your weakness in a positive light that reflects your skills. Balance your answer and be honest. Remember that no one is perfect.

6. What is your salary expectation?
Usually the interviewer is looking for a number from you rather than an generalization. Try to research how much the post pays for the experience you have. Quote an amount you feel does justice to your skills. The key is not to overprice yourself.

7. Why are you quitting your previous job?
Be prepared for this question if you were working earlier. Give the real reason why you are moving on without defaming your ex-employer. Stick to the facts and remember that employers prefer broad-minded employees.

8. Which was a difficult past work project/ situation and how did you handle work pressure?
The answer is how you dealt with pressure on the previous jobs. It is important to remember that every work has its pressure and they are looking at how positive you were to face it.

9. What are your future goals?
The employer is looking to know if you are going to continue after employment or going to jump the boat at the first available better opportunity.

10. What do you know about our company?
It is always helpful to read about the company and lookup their website to know what they do. Looking up their "About Us" page helps a lot. The employers are impressed if the candidate has done some research regarding the prospective job and company

11. Where do you see yourself in five years?
This is one of the prime questions if the employer wants to know your thoughts on the offered designation. List out a few important aspects how you can improve your tenure with the company and help advance your company's goals. This also determines if the candidate is looking to make the company grow. Do not go overboard with ideas. Be realistic.

12. What other companies are you interviewing with?
Sometimes employers ask this to know if you have been interviewed by their competitors. This could enhance your chances if your post is in demand. You could be discreet if you feel.

13. Are you planning on having children?
Question on family, nationality, religion, gender is deemed illegal according to experts. Nevertheless, some employers are upfront to ask the female candidates. It may have no ill-intent but sometimes the job is demanding and the employer is not looking for someone who would go on maternity leave during a specific project. Its best to know more about the designation before you answer this truthfully.

14. Do you have any questions for us?
Before ending the interview, many interviewers ask whether you have questions about the job discussed or regarding the company. Its better to do some research regarding the company and the position so you have the answer ready.

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