Houston Police Chief's Powerful Words: "Vote out politicians only offering prayers after shootings"

In a powerful interview he gave to CBS's Face the Nation, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo did not hold back as he criticized politicians for not acting on gun violence following the tragic Texas school shooting.

Following the most recent tragic school shooting in Texas that took the lives of 10 people, Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo took center stage on CBS's Face the Nation this Sunday. In a short yet powerful interview, Acevedo expressed his despair at the authorities and politicians who, according to him, failed to listen to voters and offer harsher fun control regulations.

"Let me tell you, people at the state level and the federal level in too many places in our country are not doing anything other than offering prayers. "We need to start using the ballot box and ballot initiatives to take the matters out of the hands of people that are doing nothing that are elected into the hands of the people to see that the will of the people in this country is actually carried out" Said the Chief.

Acevedo even offered a solution that can help prevent further disasters happening at the hands of people who wish to use guns to harm others. According to Acevedo, the liability for guns getting into the wrong hands lies with those that do not properly secure their weapons: "If you have firearms in your home and you do not secure them and you don't secure them in a manner that can preclude someone from grabbing them and taking them and carrying out this carnage, is a criminal liability that attaches."

The interview with the Houston Police Chief went viral in just a few hours, and it is echoing throughout the nation that is yet again mourning the lost lives of innocent victims.

Source: YouTube/Face the Nation