Simply Fabulous: The History of Queer Dance

The LGBT community has come along way since the days where its members felt they had to hide, and this amazing ball video shows the strides gay people have made. Some in heels.

The LGBT community has come a long way from its days in a deep, dark closet where its members had to keep themselves on the down low. With a fierce and powerful sense of fellowship, people finally started to crack open the doors of the closet until they burst out with a song and dance. The struggles that the LGBT community went through in the past few decades under the watchful eye of the media have made the voices of its members heard, even to those who chose not to except it.

With all colors of the rainbow, now there are communities within communities in the LGBT where everyone is welcome to come and take a peek inside. As a tribute to the social and cultural "ball" evolution of the community, this amazing video was created with dancers that can shake their way into every person's heart. The queer dance has never looked better than right here as it announces, "we're loud, we're proud and we can choreograph like no other". Enjoy!

Source: YouTube/Buzzfeed Video