Fan Shocks Dave Grohl with his Talent After Getting Invited on Stage

Every music fan dreams of going on stage with their idols, and one lucky fan got to perform with the Foo Fighters during a live show, and how he played left Dave Grohl and fans absolutely shocked...

Any hard-core music fan dreams of getting invited to stage by their idols, but no one really expects it to happen to them. One lucky Foo Fighters' fan not only got to get up on stage with the band, but also play Dave Grohl's guitar in front of thousands of fans.

It all happened during a Foo Fighters show in Austin, Texas, when Grohl unvited a then unknown fan to go up on stage. The fan, who had a full face make up just like Gene Simmons from Kiss, seemed excited and shocked by the invitation, so much so that he couldn't utter his name when Grohl asked for it.

Dave just called him 'Kiss Guy' and gave him his guitar, probably not expecting much. The band started to play their hit song Monkeywrench, and what came next blew everyone's minds... Kiss Guy, whose real name is Yayo Sanchez, rocked the guitar like he's been performing his entire life, jumping the stage from side to side and riffing like a pro.

Sanchez is not the only one who is going to remember his live stage performance, and like Grohl, we bow down to his rocking show.

Source: John Scurek/YouTube