Kinder Guardians – Comedian Introduces Guns to Preschoolers

Sacha Baron Cohen is back, and this time he has America in his sights. The satirical comedian introduces a gun plan for preschoolers, and the congressmen are all over it...

Over the past decade, comedian Sacha Baron Cohen has played some of the craziest and extreme characters ever seen on the small screen and the big screen. From his famous Ali G. rapper persona to the culture shocked Borat, Cohen likes nothing more than using humor to put a mirror in front of society's face.


In his new show Who is America, Cohen tackles some hot topics, like Washington's objection to regulate gun use. In this hilarious video, the comedian plays a very funny character of a very serious Israeli anti-terror experts who tries to implement a gun program for children ages 4-12. The congressmen in the video are more than willing to teach toddlers how to handle guns with the Kinder Guardians program that will turn them into lean, mean, tiny killing machines. The crazy satire is a must watch, and while being over the top, reality today is crazier than the imagination.

Source: YouTube/SHOWTIME