Google is Looking to Bring Cloud Services to China

By Paige Burke — Published August 13, 2018

Google is Looking to Bring Cloud Services to China

Google has been in talks in order to bring Cloud services back to China despite the country's censorship laws. Google has been reported to be tailoring its search features in order to introduce its Cloud business to the world's second-largest economy.

Due to strict censorship laws, Google is attempting to find allies in major Chinese cloud and server providers, namely Tencent and Inspur Group, who have managed to in the run after a narrowing down process in March. In order to bring Google Drive and Google Docs to China. Ideally, these services will be run through China-based data centers much like the way in which Apple runs its cloud services for their Chinese customers.

If the move to China is successful, Google will need to partner with local businesses as China requires all digital information to be stored in-country. Of course, Google is used to running could-based apps such as News and Google Docs via its own data centers.

Google Cloud's chief Diane Greene is yet to comment however it has been confirmed that Google is recruiting to hire a Shanghai-based employee to manage operations on the ground.

It is no secret that both Microsoft and Amazon have already partnered with Chinese businesses in order to work their cloud services in the market a whilst keeping data in Chinese land. Amazon Web Services is delivered via Beijing Sinnet Technology and Microsoft Azure Cloud reaches the Chinese market via 21Vianet Group.

However, it's important to note that recent trade strain between the U.S. and China may complicate any potential agreement in the pipeline.

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