Good and Bad Excuses for Leaving Work Early

By Eddie V. — Published February 25, 2018

Good and Bad Excuses for Leaving Work Early

At some point in our lives, all of us will, more often than not, find a need to exit early from work. Wanting to leave early from work is alright once in a while as long as it is not done too often. Depending on your company policies, you may or may not have the freedom to leave early from work. In most cases, a reasonable superior will probably allow you to leave early, provided you give a legitimate excuse.

Always remember that any excuse that you give at work must be reasonable and should sound genuine to your employer.

There is a thin line between good excuses and bad excuses and you need to be careful of that. Here are some work excuses, both good and bad for leaving work early.

Good excuses
An appointment with an official such as a lawyer or an accountant is a valid excuse for leaving early. It is reasonable and such appointments are likely to be taken seriously by your employer.

Professional development
No employer refuses an employee who wants to take the rest of the day for attending a workshop or working on a project that enhances an employee’s professional skills

Illness is one of the most commonly used reasons for leaving work early. As long as your condition is genuine, a medical certificate or a doctor's appointment can be used as an excuse to leave from work.

Urgent family issues
A sudden death or medical emergency in your family is a valid excuse to leave early from work. Family emergencies can also include theft, fire or any other genuine emergency that cannot be resolved without your presence.

Job interviews
If you have been notified of termination from your current employment, a job interview is a valid excuse to take a day off from work.

Bad excuses
Hanging out with friends
This is not a valid excuse for leaving work early and should never be used with your employer. Instead, it is much better to take a formal leave in such cases.

Never use stress as an excuse to leave early. You don't want your employer to think that you cannot function well under stress. Instead of taking the day off work, it is better to see if your employer permits you to take your work outside, to a better, stress-free environment, such as a coffee shop.

Troubles with your car
Car trouble is never a valid excuse for coming in late to work. It is frowned upon and you earn the reputation for being tardy. Try to avoid using car trouble as an excuse and instead make it a point to leave early from home. If your car stops working midway, it is better to call in an agency to tow your car. Once this is done, take a cab to work.

Hangover from a long night
If you have been partying out late with your friends, you are most likely to be hungover the next day. Although being sick is a genuine excuse to leave work early, a hangover is not. It is something you brought upon yourself despite knowing that you will have to go to work the next day. Refrain from taking the rest of the day off in case of a hangover.

Recreational activities
Taking an early exit from work is not necessary if it is only for attending recreational activities. Not only is it not necessary, it is unacceptable in any organization. Keep such events for the weekend or perhaps for after work. If there is a compelling need to attend such events, then it is better to take a formal day of leave.

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