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Studies show that 25% of Americans cram their garages full to the brim. So much so that there is little to no chance to squeeze a car in and amongst all that 'stuff'! Not only can a cluttered garage feel claustrophobic and frustrating, if you fall into this 25% category, you are also at risk of being fined by city governments for not using your garage space for its intended purpose. However, have no fear! We are here to recommend the best garage accessories on the market which will help the men out there to take more pride in their garage and even possibly transform their cluttered storage space into a functional workspace. Even if you do not fall into this 25% then you will also enjoy what we have to offer, maybe even more so! What's more, with Father's Day approaching, what could be more apt than purchasing something to enhance your dad's garage experience.

Best Storage Solution: Fleximounts 4 x 8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack

There is nothing better than additional storage space, especially for a room that is specially designated for storing objects. Measuring up at 48 x 40 x 96 inches, made of powder coated steel and weighing 68 lbs, this Fleximounts storage rack is the perfect storage solution that is both safe and effective. We loved that it protected our possessions from the nasty effects of water damage, a rather common occurrence in garages. Furthermore, the fact that this Fleximounts storage rack is so safe is down to the six vertical posts which is in fact the optimal structural choice to achieve overhead safety. In addition, unlike other storage racks on the market that come with a separate frame and wire, this model has an integrated design which is great for safety as well as set up. In terms of set up, it comes with step by step set up instructions allowing even the most novice of handymen to install the rack. Furthermore, testers commented that they liked the fact that their children failed to get to dangerous objects that had been stored overhead. Unfortunately, although it comes with a seemingly never-ending supply of screws, some of our testers commented that the wrench that was included of a slightly poorer quality so upon purchase, check that you have a good selection of tools to help! Finally, priced at around $180 and available in black or white, this product is a budget friendly way to ensure that you make the most of your garage!



Best Smart Door Control: Chamberlain MYQ-G0201 MYQ-Garage

How many times have you driven off worrying if you left your garage door open? With a few swipes of your finger, the Chamberlain MYQ-G0201 MYQ-Garage will give you full control of your garage door from the comfort of your smart phone! Upon purchase, you will receive a WIFI Hub, power cord, mounting bracket, door sensor and instructions for the MyQ app download. This garage accessory works by connecting to your home WIFI and in turn, allows you to both monitor, open and close your garage door from work, a friend's house or even abroad! What's more, most of our testers loved that they also received notifications when their garage was open or shut as it made them feel secure. Not only that but they liked that they were able to know when their kids were home from school or the dog walker arrived etc. However, some felt it was slightly unnecessary and a few even commented that it was irritating. Nevertheless, installation is a breeze and the app is available for Apple and Android on devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets. Finally, priced at just under $100 this product is great value for money and comes with a 1 year parts warranty too!



Best Garage Lighting Option: Brightech LightPRO LED Shop Light

Another way to jazz up your garage is to ensure that you install the perfect lighting. Out of all the garage lighting that we tested, we really enjoyed using the Brightech LightPRO LED Shop Light. This LED light has a 4,000 lumen light brightness and a bulb life of approximately 50,000 hours. Testers loved the fact that the battery life was so long as the likelihood is that it will never need to be changed which is convenient, especially if your garage has a high ceiling. Therefore, it is the perfect gift for dads that enjoy taking care of their vehicles or working on small projects in the comfort of their own garage! Unfortunately, this light can not be flush mounted so if you're looking for little/ no gap between the fixture and the ceiling then you may want to invest in another one of our suggested Father's Day gifts. However, testers commented that they loved how much the light failed to flicker as well as fail to produce heat unlike a lot of other LED tube lights on the market. Other aspects of the product that our reviewers enjoyed were the inclusion of an installation kit as well as the 3-year warranty meaning that priced at under $50 you literally have nothing to lose!



Best Creeper Seat: Pro Lift C-2036D Grey 36" Z-Creeper Seat

The Pro Lift C-2036D Grey 36" Z-Creeper Seat is a 2 in 1 creeper that works either unfolded as a creeper or a z-shape to as a seat for working on cars or other motoring projects. It converts easily from a creeper to a seat making it not only the perfect garage accessory for maintenance but it is extremely convenient too. Our testers loved the padded cushions and the majority commented that they felt comfortable from the start to the finish of the job that they were working on. Aside from that, it comes equipped with 6 swivel casters meaning that it has great maneuverability (even in the tightest of spaces) and has a 300lb weight capacity, thanks to the heavy-duty frame, so it will suit most dads! What's more, reviewers commented on how easy it was to change the seat thanks to the single retractable pin as opposed to levers and buttons. In terms of assembling this creeper seat, it is relatively straightforward. Testers like that it was simply enough for one person to do alone, the instructions were clear and most of them reported completed building the seat in around 20 minutes. What's more the cushion covers are strong and don’t rip unlike other creepers on the market that suffer the consequences of being used in a garage. Finally, at less than $30 it is great value for money, especially for the creeper's durability!

Best Wall Storage: Wall Control 30-P-3232GV Galvanized Steel Pegboard Pack

If you need a storage solution for items you need within arm's reach more frequently, overhead storage may not be the answer. The Wall Control 30-P-3232GV Galvanized Steel Pegboard Pack is a metal storage board that accepts hooks, pegs, brackets and shelves that slot into its steel pegboard panels for easy storage. Upon purchase, you will receive two panels measuring up at 16 x 32 which means that the size after installation is 32 x 32 inches in total. Additionally, the product weighs 13.6 lbs and is easy to install. Thanks to the fact that it is built from metal, it is ten times stronger than most conventional pegboards on the market meaning that it is a great garage accessory for everyday items. Our testers loved the fact that it is available in a choice of a whopping 10 colors allowing you to keep it simple or add a pop of bright yellow to your garage space. Unfortunately, this storage system does not work with standard pegs however it does accept the following: 1/4 inch pegboard pegs, Wall Control slotted accessories and magnets too. Although this is slightly inconvenient, testers commented that it did work well and they especially loved the fact that it is compatible with magnets. Aside from that, the fact that this storage has a price tag of less than $28 makes it great value for money as you will be investing in a product both manufactured and made in the USA. Finally, our testers loved the fact that it combines versatility, strength and of course, aesthetics.



Best Work Apron: Hudson Durable Goods Heavy Duty Waxed Canvas Work Apron

The Hudson Durable Goods Heavy Duty Waxed Canvas Work Apron is the best work apron on the market. The quality of the waxed canvas is exceedingly high thanks to the fact that it is reinforced with heavy-weight gun-metal grommets and rivets and the double stitched tool pockets and thick hems make the apron strong and durable. Our testers loved the structure and the full coverage bib allow users to feel comfortable all day. Some of our reviewers commented that they had felt neck pain in the past with other work aprons on the market but the fact that the apron has a cross back design makes it more wearable for longer. In terms of measurements, full coverage is around 27 x 34 inches making it suitable for those 5"2 and above. What's more, it has two large pockets measuring up at 6.5 x 8 inches and a smaller chest pocket that measures 4.5 x 4 inches making it perfect for a pencil or your cell phone. Unfortunately, the fact that it has a minimum height means that it will not be a suitable apron for some teenagers that are interested in learning more about garage mechanics. Height aside, testers really did feel that this apron is both durable, functional and easy to clean. All you need to do is shake off the dirt, hose off the dirt with cold water, add soap, rinse off the soap and hang to dry. Finally, priced at just over $32, all testers agreed that it was worth every cent!



Bottom Line

It is almost too easy to allow your garage to fall into a disorganized, poorly lit junk room. Investing in the right garage accessories could allow you to transform a dull storage space into a brilliant workshop with room for anything you could possibly need. We reviewed the best garage accessories on the market (which also make fantastic Father's Day gifts) based on value for money, practicality, ease of use and more! We particularly loved the Fleximounts 4 x 8 Overhead Garage Storage Rack as it has the ability to transform any space into a more functional area perfect for keeping your car or whiling away hours on various projects. What's more, it is affordable, easy to install and safe too!


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