Genius and Funny Hacks You Need in your Life

Handy hacks can be life savers whenever we need something simple to fix a complicated problem, and this genius life hacks video by 5 Minute Crafts will teach you dozens of funny and smart tricks you will definitely need.

Despite amazing technological developments over the decades, sometimes it's the simplest items that are the most useful. Balloons can turn into party favors, drinking straws into decorating items and even into zip locks to save food! Therefore, it is no surprise that the next hacks video received over 100,000,000 views world-wide! The hacks you are about to learn may seem silly at first, but at the end of the video you will probably find yourselves using it almost every day. So, stock up on balloons and straws because they're going to become the most popular items in your home.

Source: 5-Minute-Crafts