Let The Fizzics Waytap Change The Way You Drink Beer!

The Fizzics Waytap Reviewed:

With the warmer months approaching, the idea of a cool and refreshing beer seems more and more appealing.  There's nothing better than a freshly pulled pint straight from the tap however when you're on the go, at a picnic or even at the beach then this isn't always an option.  Thankfully, Fizzics are here to save the day!  They have created the Waytap, a portable beer system with their unique micro-foam technology which allows you to insert your beer can or bottle, pull the tap forward and enjoy. 

The notion of a beer tap on the go can be quite alien to some however don’t let the idea intimidate you.  It's easier to use than it looks and you don't need to be a professional barman to impress your friends by pulling pints. You remove the top of the product by pushing a button and insert your bottle or can.  You then need to guide a tube on the inside of the Waytap into the opening of your beer and seal the top of the canister shut.  Once this is in place, the machine uses soundwaves to convert the natural carbonation found within the beers' natural carbonation and turns it into densely compacted micro bubbles.  Whilst you pull the tap forward, the body of the beer is poured into your glass and the flow is digitally controlled in order to keep the majority of the carbonation within the beer.  Although the process is slightly scientific, you don't need to understand it in order to use it!  All you need to do is revel in the fact that you've transformed your favorite can of beer into a draught beer without any fuss or effort! 

The Fizzics Waytap is super easy to power!  All you need to do is purchase 4 standard AA batteries which easily insert into the machine in a matter of minutes.  One tester commented that he loved that there was no need to purchase expensive rechargeable batteries or extension cords. Unfortunately, some of our testers were disappointed that the batteries seemed to drain when the machine wasn’t in use however if you don't mind changing cheap batteries often then this shouldn’t bother you. 



Fizzics use patented fluid and sound technology in order to raise the bar for home beer drinkers.  They claim to enhance the aroma, texture and taste of store-bought beer and our testers loved how the product really did make cheaper beers taste and appear much better quality.  You don't need to be a solely a larger fan to enjoy the Waytap either.  It works well with all beers including IPAs, pilsners, ales, stouts and shandys too!  Unfortunately, if you're a nitro beer fan then this won't be the product for you as it only works with carbonated beers.  Some reviewers loved the creamy head that the Waytap adds to the beer and even commented that the head lasts much longer than beers that have been professionally pulled.  Others claimed that the quality was even higher than from a regular tap! 

The mess is minimal and testers loved the drip platform as it kept their counter surfaces clean if they were using it at home.  In addition, cleaning the Waytap itself is also really easy and convenient.  All you need to do is take the machine apart and wash it with warm water.  Unfortunately, its not suitable for dishwasher use which was annoying for our testers with busy lifestyles as well as those that hate washing up!

Bottom Line:

We loved that this product is perfect for the beer manufacturer and the consumer too!  It gives bought beers the optimum quality that the brewer intended and it allows the consumer to get the utmost value for money every single time.  We did find the technology to give you a denser result then you would get at your local bar however this its necessarily a bad thing.  The majority of our testers loved the aesthetics and novelty of the product and enjoyed how light and portable it was.  At just under $100 its affordable, perfect for as a gift for beer fanatics or a great investment for your other half, allowing them to enjoy the finer things in life time and time again.

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