Fisker's Autonomous Car Will Be A Hit In US Campuses!

By Hannah James — Published June 14, 2018

Fisker's Autonomous Car Will Be A Hit In US Campuses!

With the notion of smart cities becoming more and more within reach, startup and automaker Fisker is correct in establishing his place in the market with the self-driving car. After partnering with China's Hakim Unique group, Henry Fisker has announced the creation of the the Orbit! This is a self-driving electric shuttle with in-wheel motors with the aim to drive commuters from A to B. Henry Fisker, CEO and chairman of Fisker recently claimed that "It's (futuristic transportation) already on the way. There will be a time when people select from a menu of choices, depending on their mobility needs." Fisker predicts drastic changes in the way people travel in the very near future and wants to create fun, stylish and exiting modes of transport. He intends to prompt the evolution of a new shuttle interior layout that incorporates intelligent interaction.

Exciting features to look forward to are in-wheel electric motors sourced from protean (created by British tech company Protean Electric), and two and four-wheel drive models. Other details like the size of the battery pack, use of touchscreens, door designs and the range of the vehicle remain a mystery in the meantime.

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It would be naïve to assume that autonomous shuttle busses are unique to Fisker and a lot of carmakers have aimed to input into the world of self-driving vehicles. However, to stand out from competitors, Fisker claim they will be customizing vehicles according to customer needs. In a recent statement Fisker himself claimed that "The interior will offer a variation of mood zones, depending on the customer's or passenger's preference," a feature that should excite tech fans and amateurs alike. Furthermore, it will be able to pick passengers up from their individual locations as opposed to a bus stop.

Current plans for the first prototype are looking set towards the end of this year in China, with an operated set route in 2019. It is designed for use in urban environments and although it will start functioning in a Hakim Unique-implemented smart city, Fisker have claimed that several US campuses have also expressed interest.

Although there is no way to guarantee a spot on the initial deployed routes, we can not help but feel excited about these technological advancements in travel. With promises of each wheel having 109bhp and available powertrains with 218bhp or 436 bhp we know that the Orbit will not disappoint.

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