50-Foot Fire Tornado Captured on Camera by Firefighters

Nature has a truly amazing ability to surprise us with what it can do, and this time around it was a 50-foot fire Tornado that was captured on camera and became viral. Unreal!

Tornados are some of mother nature's most amazing spectacles, and they are just as terrifying as they are awe-inspiring. These windy twisters can wreak havoc when they are formed, so imagine what could happen if Tornados are combined with fire.


That's just what happened in England when a 50-foot fire Tornado started forming and swirling around. The Leicestershire Fire and Rescue managed to capture footage of the fire and wind pole and posted it on their Facebook page. The "firenado" is formed when hot air and cold air meet, and this time the hot air came from a plastics factory in Derbyshire that caught fire.

The remarkable video has obviously gone viral since it was reported that people could see the thick black smoke the Firenado created from 26 miles away!

Source: Facebook/Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service Ashby Station