How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job

By Eddie V. — Published May 06, 2018

How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job

LinkedIn is one of the most widely used social networks for working professionals. While most are aware of the basics on how to use it, what to do and what not to do, few know the best practices that can make you look like an ideal candidate and help you land a job.

Here are the top ways to use LinkedIn to find a job, without looking desperate for one:

Don’t present facts, be a story-teller
Simply presenting a list of facts about your accomplishments does not make you stand out from the sea of competitors. What will, though, is if you weave an interesting and unique narrative about your experiences and achievements. Share how you creatively overcame challenges in a story form and recruiters will definitely remember you.

Share not just your past experiences but your aspirations too
A very common mistake working professionals on LinkedIn make is that they share too much of where they have been and not enough of where they want to go. In other words, they present too much information about their past jobs. If you’re looking for new opportunities, and you have a job in mind, share information about you which are relevant to that job.

Update your profile regularly with interesting content
Make sure to share interesting content regarding the industry you are working in or self-help content from time to time. This way, you can build a strong online presence, making it easier for people to find you.

Be as visually pleasing as you can
Make your LinkedIn profile as visual as you can. Everyone responds better to creative and eye-catching visuals instead of just plain text. If you have won awards and certificates, post pictures. You can even share a presentation that you are proud of.

Make sure others can contact you
Make sure that you share your email id or even phone number on your LinkedIn profile so that other people, like recruiters, can get in touch with you easily and quickly. It may sound simple but a lot of people do not make it clear where and how to contact them, thereby losing out on a lot of opportunities.

Be in direct contact with those who matter
The great thing about LinkedIn is that you can directly contact anyone who has a profile; there are no gatekeepers. This makes it the perfect platform to directly send messages to recruiters and hiring managers. Send messages on a Sunday, as executives usually check their emails and messages on a Sunday night in preparation for the coming week. Remember not to pitch for the position you are applying for, but instead, talk about how you are impressed by their company or the likes.

Take advantage of LinkedIn as a search engine
LinkedIn is very much a search engine as it is a social media platform. It is a search engine where professionals can look for companies, recruiters, candidates, and jobs. Make sure to fill up your Skills & Endorsements section with the right keywords. Recruiters use relevant keywords to look for candidates, so using the right keywords can help you appear in their search results.

Don’t look or sound desperate
Many experts believe that you should not mention that you are searching for a job or seeking/looking for new opportunities. Recruiters don’t use keywords like job seeker when they search for candidates. All it does is make you look desperate.

Make sure all your other social media profiles are clean of NSFW content
If you have caught the eye of a recruiter on LinkedIn and your professional profile impresses them, but they go to your other social media profiles, like Facebook, and they don’t like what they see, you have lost a wonderful opportunity. Recruiters often visit your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram profiles, so make sure you clean them up.

Upload a professional photo
If you don’t have a profile photo, chances are recruiters will skip your profile as it makes your profile look unprofessional and suspicious. Make sure to upload a professional profile photo.

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