Personal Loans for Good Credit: Estimated Offering
for $5,000 Loans in 2018

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Consolidate debt for your finances. Unsecured personal loans are based on your credit score. Please be advised that interest rates and terms for each loan provider may vary depending on your personal credit score and other elements loan providers take into consideration. We have compiled loans from various lenders we reviewed and approved.

You May Change Loan Amount Up to $100,000!

You can use an unsecured personal loan as an easy and accessible way to build up your credit score. You can also use personal loans to consolidate debt with a lower interest rate for any purchases you may need to make. Leveraging a personal loan to your benefit is a simple thing to do with the right loan provider.

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Personal Loans are oftentimes the best way to borrow money from an online lender, bank, or any credit union that can allow you to pay back your loan in monthly fixed payments/installments. Personal loan repayment plans are usually between 3 to 5 years and have a 3% to 30% interest rate depending on the lender. In most cases personal loans are unsecured. This means they are not backed by any collateral guarantee such as a personal owned good of value. This can be a car, motorcycle, or anything with value that the lender can later claim in case of payment failure.

What Rates Can I Expect for a Personal Loan Based on My Credit Score

Personal loan rates vary depending on the lender, on your credit history, your banking and cash flow situation and your ability or inability to pay back the loan.

Credit Score Range of Score APR Estimate
Excellent 720 - 850 13.9%
Good 690 - 719 18.0%
Average 630 - 689 21.8%
Bad 300 - 629 27.2%

How Do I Choose the Right Lender? has reviewed over 50 online lenders to make the decision process easier on you. We have analyzed and reviewed top lenders. You can apply and submit your information with our approved online personal loan lenders with peace of mind. As always, our readers come first!

Can a Personal Loan Hurt My Credit?

On the contrary, a personal loan can actually improve your credit score! If you take the appropriate steps and actions in paying back your loan on time and not fail on your payment installments, a personal loan can establish your credit and improve it for the better. The debt will not hurt your credit score as much as a debt on a credit card.

How Safe are Personal Loans?

When you get approved for a personal loan, you need to make sure you can pay it back plus the interest on which the loan is being borrowed with. Interest depends on your credit score, and though personal loan payments can improve your credit score; it is up to you to make sure you can make good and pay back the personal loan you sign on.

Loan Terms and Definitions to Be Familiar With

Annual Percentage (APR): This is a fixed or variable interest rate that is expressed as a yearly rate. In short, this is the interest rate for the entire year.

Asset: Any property of value that has actual monetary appraised value. Assets are used by lenders to asses a loan’s credibility in case of a default in payment.

Collateral: A good or an asset that can help guarantee repayment or money borrowed (loan). If you fail to repay your loan or money borrowed, you put yourself at risk of losing your collateral.

Credit, or Credit History: This can either be your current or past financial practices or behavior. Credit is used to determine your ability or inability to pay back your loan.

Debt Consolidation: When someone takes out a loan in order to pay off other loans. The idea of combining all your debts into one monthly payment.

Debt-to-Income Ratio: The calculation or ratio of someone’s actual debt vs. their total income.

Default or Payment Default: Failing to make a payment on your loan or credit card payment.

Installment: When someone borrows a set amount and pays is back with an exact payment schedule. In most cases, monthly payments.

Lien: An event where the lender has Legal right to take possession of collateral property if the loan or debt is not paid as agreed.

Prepayment Penalty: When a borrower requests to pay part of the loan or the entire loan in advance.

Repayment Plan: The time and details in which you need to pay back your loan.

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