FedEx Job and Career Information

By Arthur B. — Published February 13, 2018

FedEx Job and Career Information

You’ve placed an order for an international publication and it’s due to reach you in a month’s time. Over the course of this duration, a whole team of people from across the world will work together to get your order across to you quickly and safely.

Courier delivery services are an integral part of global business and communication. Without them in place, the entire supply chain operations fall apart. In fact, it is due to the efforts of the employees of these courier delivery services that you find your products and services reaching you at the right time and in the right condition.

FedEx – your fast track to success
One of the biggest and most reputed courier delivery services in the world is headquartered in Tennessee and goes by the name of FedEx Corporation. Home to over 400,000 employees, FedEx is one of the biggest employers in the United States and Canada.

Offering interested applicants a wonderful platform for interesting and challenging careers, FedEx is creating multiple avenues for its current employees and job candidates to explore the exciting area of supply chain management and logistics management.

Jobs at FedEx Corporation

FedEx offers job opportunities in the Americas, Africa, Europe, EMEA, and Asia. Before you apply, you must filter to the location where you wish to work. Once the location is selected on the website, you will be taken to a different portal specific to the region of your choice.

There are five categories of jobs available at FedEx:

❖ Professional jobs

FedEx offers various career paths for candidates interested in corporate profiles. Applicants have the option of applying at various departments such as:

• Sales and marketing
• Finance and accounting
• Customer services
• Logistics
• Shipping & tracking
• Engineering
• Information technology

The company conducts multiple on-job and on-site training to update the knowledge, skills, and abilities of its employees.

❖ Salaried jobs
Salaried jobs at FedEx include those full-time roles which are not a part of the corporate profiles. Some of the roles that fall under this category are:

• Drivers
• Mechanics
• Package handlers
• Project site inspectors
• Dockworker
• Shop technician
• Field technology specialist

These roles are on-site jobs and involve possible relocation and lots of travel.

❖ Part-time jobs
Part-time jobs at FedEx include all the salaried roles, but on a part-time basis. FedEx offers training and tuition assistance to both its full-time and part-time employees.

❖ Independent contractors
FedEx hires temporary contractors and independent contractors for specific projects. The opportunities available for independent contractors are:

• Owner-operators
If you own your own fleet and wish to tie up with the company, you can do so on a temporary basis. Eligibility criteria for this role depend on the type of fleet and the type of project.
• Ground crew
This role is specifically for independent contractors specializing in ground logistics and supply chain operations. Qualifications depend on the nature of the role.
• Home delivery
This profile caters to doorstep delivery services and package handler roles for independent contractors.

❖ Hourly jobs
The hourly and seasonal jobs at FedEx involve those of drivers, package handlers, and owner-operators.

Eligibility criteria for jobs at FedEx
• Applicants must be at least 18 years old at the time of application
• Applicants must possess the required educational degree for corporate roles
• Applicants must have the required experience in the same or related field (where necessary)
• Applicants must possess completion certificates to be eligible for specific roles (for example, the DOT certificate and Hazmat & Doubles certificates for the role of a driver).

Employee benefits at FedEx
FedEx has one of the best employee benefits programs in the world. It offers its employees a wide range of benefits including:

• 401(K)
• Education assistance
• Pension fund
• Paid sabbaticals
• Maternity leave
• Discounts on product shipping and travel

FedEx Corporation has multiple subsidiaries, each with its own unique hiring process and career opportunities. It’s best that you check the relevant websites to understand the application process and eligibility criteria for the subsidiary and job of your choice.

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