Our Favorite Picnic Accessories

One of our favorite ways to enjoy nature is by dining al fresco in the form of a picnic! Picnics are the perfect activity for romantic dates, family outings, or even on your own. All you need is sunshine, food (or just a bottle of wine!), and these must-have picnic accessories. We checked out the best picnic baskets and backpacks to suit different needs, keeping in mind size, insulation, style, and whether or not place settings were included. We also reviewed blankets, because what is a picnic without a picnic blanket? In making our picnic blanket recommendation, we wanted one that could be easily packed, moisture resistant, easy to clean, durable, and comfortable. Price was also taken into consideration when choosing these must-have picnic accessories for your next outdoor meal.

Practico Outdoors Extra-Large Picnic & Outdoor Blanket with Water-Resistant Backing

Out of all the blankets we reviewed, we like the Practico Outdoors Extra-Large Picnic & Outdoor Blanket with Water-Resistant Backing best. The size varies based on what color you choose: 60 by 80 inches for the red or blue checkered, or 58 by 80 inches for the blue or red plaid. We love how it folds down to 10 inches by 16 inches.  The plaid 58-inch by 80-inch style is washing machine safe, whereas the 60-inch by 80-inch checkered style is hand wash only. For this reason, we personally recommend the 58-inch by 80-inch style.

Best Picnic Basket for Easy Storage : Picnic at Ascot Large Family Size Collapsible Picnic Basket 

This Picnic at Ascot picnic basket comes in a large size that's great for families or planning a picnic with a group of friends. It measures 18.5 inches wide, 10.5 inches high, and 11.5 inches deep. It weighs 2.4 pounds empty. Even though it is a folding, collapsible basket it still feels sturdy and durable. This basket does not come with utensils, but you could easily pack your own. You can choose among 13 different colors/designs on Amazon. This bag has a zipped closure, which we preferred to the tie closures (or no closures at all) featured on some other picnic baskets we considered but decided not to recommend. It's capable of carrying up to 65 pounds. There is a padded handle but this still might not be the most comfortable option for carrying long distances, especially if it is heavy. There is a large front pocket for extra storage.

Best for Wine and Cheese: Picnic at Ascot Wine and Cheese Cooler Bag

If you are planning a small affair perhaps with just some wine and cheese, we recommend the Picnic at Ascot Wine and Cheese Cooler Bag. This cute bag measures 13.75 inches high, 10.5 inches wide, and 4 inches deep. It weighs just 1.4 pounds. The exterior of the bag is durable 600 denier canvas.  If you don't want to bring cheese or snacks, you could accommodate a third bottle of wine in this bag as long as the glasses are removed.  We love it!

Best Picnic Backpack: Picnic Plus Tandoor 4 Person Deluxe Picnic Backpack

If you prefer a picnic backpack instead of the traditional style picnic basket, we like the Picnic Plus Tandoor 4 Person Deluxe Picnic Backpack. It's a bit pricey at $112, however it also comes with a lot of accessories. This backpack has comfortable adjustable padded straps so it won't hurt your hand to carry or cause strain, so this would be your best option if you need to walk a distance to your picnic spot. It measures 11 inches by 21 inches by 17 inches. It weighs 5.55 pounds even though it comes with place settings, so it's much lighter than the Picnic Time Canterbury Basket with place settings. These place settings are not the best quality, however, so you may find the need to replace them in the long run.  When you purchase on Amazon, you can choose to add 3-year protection for $2.85 or 4-year protection for $3.69. If you're planning a picnic and want something easy to carry, you can't get better than this.

Best for Romance: Picnic Time Canterbury English Style Picnic Basket with Deluxe Service for Two

If you're planning a romantic date for two, we love the Picnic Time Canterbury English Style Picnic Basket with Deluxe Service for Two. This beautiful basket measures 16 inches by 16 inches by 12 inches. It is heavy at 15.2 pounds so you won't want to carry it far. The basket itself is gorgeous, constructed out of willow with genuine leather straps.  This basket itself is not insulated (though includes an insulated cooler and wine duffel) and not the easiest to clean. The included blanket is simple, and you may prefer something more durable and water-resistant. The price is high, but if you want to wow your date, this is a good pick. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Bottom Line

What's not to love about a picnic? Beautiful scenery, fresh air, sunshine, and the promise of delicious food have us craving the outdoors. When choosing a basket, remember to go for something insulated to keep your food safe. We prefer something easy to clean just in case there are any spills along the way. Ideally, get a picnic basket that is easy and comfortable to carry as well, though this will matter less if you tend to picnic close to wear you park your car. Consider how many people you'll be picnicking with so you know what size basket to pick. You may like a basket that comes with place settings, but you could always simply remember to pack your own. A good blanket is also essential for outdoor picnics. Our top choice is durable, easy-to-clean, water-resistant, and comfortable.

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