Our Favorite Pet Cameras

Almost everyone who has had a pet has wondered at some point what their companion animal is up to when they're not around. Whether you're gone at work for the day and miss your pet, or perhaps you're on vacation and just want to peek in between pet sitter visits, a pet camera can give you peace of mind. We've even heard of deployed military personnel, college students away from home, and people in rehab centers after surgery using them to check in on the pets they are missing while away from home for long periods of time. Two-way pet cameras give your pet the comfort of seeing you as well. Audio options allow you to verbally calm your pet down during storms or chastise if you see them misbehaving such as chewing on furniture.  Some pet cameras offer additional features, such as tossing treats to your pets or playing games with them. 

In our research, we ruled out one that allowed your pet to call you as many reviewers noted their pets incessantly calling them while they were at work several times per hour, or even calling when they were at home, which was funny at first but quickly became annoying. We also decided not to go with one that worked primarily as an automatic feeder that provides a number of days of meals but with camera capabilities, as ideally if you were gone for days at a time you really should have someone physically checking in on and playing with your pet. After thorough research and comparison, we finally narrowed down the list to our top four favorite pet cameras.

Petcube Bites

Petcube Bites is our favorite pet camera with treat dispenser. It has a 138-degree, 1080p HD wide angle view camera with equipped with infrared LED night vision and 3x digital zoom. It is compatible with both iOS and Android, and you can connect multiple cameras to one account.  You can either set it on a shelf or mount it to the wall. We like that it can toss treats (up to 6 feet!) rather than just drop them, and you can set it up to dispense the treats at scheduled times or do it manually. Sound and motion alerts keep you abreast of what is happening at home. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa. One sweet feature is that you can connect to shelters via the app to play with and interact with pets who are waiting to be adopted.  If desired, you can also get a Petcube Care membership which gives you perks like additional access to past video history, free audiobooks for your pet, DOGTV, vet technician live chat, discounts on pet health insurance, and a discount on Rover.com. Petcube Bites is available in 3 colors. Petcube offers a 1-year warranty.



Furbo is an elegant pet camera with a white cylindrical base and a bamboo wood cover, so it will look good anywhere in your home. Keep in mind that this product needs to be plugged in at all times, so you'll need to place it near an outlet. It measures 4.72 inches by 8.86 inches by 5.91 inches. It is recommended to play 12-20 inches above the floor, and fix it in place with the 3M double-sided tape on the bottom of the product to prevent it from being knocked over by excited pets.  Two-way audio allows you to speak to your pet from wherever you are located though some testers didn't find the speaker to be of high quality. You can adjust the bark alert sensitivity if your dog is a frequent barker. You can even take pictures and video with Furbo to share with friends. Furbo also is compatible with Amazon Alexa so you can set up a treat schedule. Up to two people can connect for Furbo at the same time to check in on your pet, however it works with only one email account.  Furbo offers a 1-year warranty, and you can add additional protection plans when purchasing on Amazon. 



PetChatz HD

Petchatz is a pet camera system with a lot to offer. It measures 4 inches by 7 inches by 11 inches and can be mounted to a wall. The HD camera offers 1280 x 720 resolution and has a 65.5-degree angle view. The two-way audio system allows you to communicate with your pet when you're away. There is no night vision, so keep that in mind if you want to check on your pet at night. Sound and motion detectors help you keep track of your pet's activity and any barking or unusual noises.  Petchatz does not recommend using other treats and say that doing so will void the warranty. Now, onto some of the really unique PetChatz features! Petchatz offers calming, pet-safe aromatherapy dispension for your pet! You can also play games and sign your pet up for PetChatz Camp to keep your pet occupied during the day. PetChatz can record video with PetWatch but not take photos. You can add a 3- or 4- year warranty when purchasing on Amazon. 




Pawbo is a wireless interactive pet camera with 720P HD live video and a 130-degree wide angle lens, and it looks similar to some baby monitors we've seen. It measures 4.4 inches by 4.4 inches by 7.9 inches. It has two mounting holes to hang on the wall so that your pet won't knock it over.  It is compatible with both iOS and Android, and the app can even be used to connect to more than one device if you want multiple cameras throughout your home.  Pawbo does not offer night vision, so keep that in mind if you like checking on your pet at night. The treat dispenser drops treats for your pets, and it can hold up to 9 small treats at a time in a rotating wheel-shaped compartment. Since the treats just drop down and aren't tossed, make sure the Pawbo isn't set back on a shelf which would result in a treat not making it to the floor for your pet to eat. Pawbo offers an included laser light game and there is a compatible cat teaser toy that you can purchase as well! These features make this pet camera our favorite for cats!  You can add a 3- or 4-year protection plan when purchasing on Amazon.



Bottom Line

A pet camera can do everything from letting you see your pet and talk to him or her when you're away, to playing games with your pet and dispensing treats. Some offer advanced features like aromatherapy and DOGTV as well. Our favorite pet camera is the Petco Bites. It tosses treats rather than dropping them straight down (which would be problematic if sitting on a shelf), and the Petcube Care membership offers a lot of perks like DOGTV and audiobooks – though at an extra cost, of course. It can even stream to Facebook Live – perfect for the pet who wants to be a social media star! The night vision camera means it can be used at any time. The Furbo is our runner up choice.  We like that it tosses treats rather than drops them, has a night vision camera, and found the alert system to be good. It is rather simplistic, however, as it does not offer any extra features such as games. PetChatz HD is only intended for use with their treats, though they are super healthy which we appreciate. It also offers aromatherapy to calm your pet, DOGTV, games, and more, but we didn't like that it just drops treats straight down and does not have night vision. Finally, the Pawbo is the most budget-friendly option and also the best one for cats. It includes a laser pointer game and you can also get the compatible cat teaser toy accessory to provide your pet with entertainment and exercise. We're excited to see what other accessories Pawbo will release in the future.

Our Research on Our Favorite Pet Cameras

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