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Weddings as Told by Etsy!

Weddings as Told by Etsy

Planning an event is never simple and there seems to be added pressure on organizing a wedding. For brides that like to stand out from the crowd (especially on a budget!) and give their guests a night to remember, this can be tough as weddings can seem pretty repetitive. Thanks to Etsy, creating an experience with a personal touch for both you and your guests is now realistic and affordable. But wait, you have no idea where to start and Etsy is just too overwhelming right now, right? Well, every bride needs to grab every opportunity they can to make their wedding planning experience that much simpler and we're here to take the tedious hours of research off your plate!  Read on to discover the best of the best for every bride looking to do something different on their special day.

The Perfect Etsy Dress

There are two types of girls: those that have dreamt of their perfect wedding dress and those who freeze up at the mere thought of shopping for it. Whatever your approach, there is no denying that choosing a dress is one of the most difficult decisions, in the build-up to the big day. We trawled Etsy for the most breathtaking dresses available and were blown away by Floraandlane's Iconic Beach Luxe Bohemian Dress from their Pacific Wanderlust Collection. We loved the fact that this dress was available in both mid or full-length lining meaning that you'll be able to feel the best version of yourself on your big day. What's more, the Deep V Plunge on the front and back as well as Crystal Rhinestone Appliqués allows brides to appear the perfect balance of classy and sexy. The stretch French Lace is both comfortable and breathable and this wedding dress is also available with silk chiffon panels on both the front and back of the dress. Unfortunately, this dress comes without built-in cups which is uncomfortable for some but it is the perfect bra of an adhesive or invisible bra. Finally, priced at $800, this is the dress at the best value for money meaning you have more room to splash out in other areas of the wedding!



The Perfect Etsy Way to Someone to be Your Bridesmaid

For some ladies, proposing to their bridesmaids is a bigger deal than a proposal from the groom. Gone are the days of simply asking the special ladies in your life to accompany you on the day over the phone. Now, everyone wants to stand out and give their closest female friends and family members an experience to remember. Why not give your future bridesmaids a pouch to for wedding keepsakes or wedding essentials? This 'Will you be my Bridesmaid?' personalized makeup bag will do the trick. What makes this product stand out from the crowd is the fact that the secret question can be found on the inside of the bag. We loved the fact that the question is inside the bag meaning that it is guaranteed to stay for longer. What's more, the lettering is durable and doesn't appear cracked like so many other personalized products on the market. Finally, priced at just over $15 it is outstanding value for money.



The Perfect Etsy Invitations

An invitation is the first interaction that you'll have with the people you chose to invite as bride and groom. Aside from logistical details, the invitation that you chose to send will give them a first glimpse at the tone and atmosphere that they can expect for your special day. Therefore, it is important to choose something artistic, creative and unique. It goes without saying that you can keep it as simple or as crazy as you wish! We loved the custom hand painted wedding invitations from BrushandNib Studio. Custom wedding invitations start at $1,500 which is a high-end price but the product is truly worth it. Finally, the customer service is incredible. BrushandNib Studio understand how important it is for you to convey a certain image to your guest which is why they offer maps, envelope liners, vows, signs and more too!



The Perfect Etsy Wedding Favors

Looking for favors can be daunting. They are the only memorabilia that guests will have on your special day and the last thing that you want your wedding favor to scream is 'just another wedding'. With so many passé ideas being created wedding after wedding, we want a wedding favor that is unique, useful and personal to yourselves. We loved these unique air plants and succulents from Theomateria. They offer a rough-cut amethyst crystal with a stunning air plant burrowed inside. Not only will they look great on your wedding table but they will also look great in any working space, living room or bedroom, giving your guests a pleasant reminder about your special day. In terms of size, the crystal is around 1 x 2.5 inches and is free standing meaning it’s the perfect size to hang or to rest on a surface too. Finally, priced at $16.50, this is a slightly more expensive wedding favor however if you are having a smaller wedding or are looking to invest in this area of the wedding then these succulents are the product for you!



The Perfect Etsy Confetti

Of course, your music choice and decorations add a lot to the atmosphere of the wedding but you will be surprised how many brides have commented how crucial a role that confetti plays in getting your guests into the party spirit. After purchasing, you will receive confetti bags which have been individually packaged in glassine bags to prevent damage. What's more, unlike other confetti manufacturers on the market, this product is available in a choice of 6 different color combinations meaning that you can choose the perfect tones to suit your wedding theme. We especially loved the 'Shimmer' and the 'Fiesta' tones. Unfortunately, the bags are only available in one color however the front and back labels can be customized with your names, your wedding date or any other special wishes or thanks that you may have for your guests. Finally, priced at $5 per package this is a great price to create a joyous atmosphere as soon after your 'I dos'.



Bottom Line

It goes without saying that every wedding ceremony is uplifting and inspiring in their own way. However, the weddings that stand out for us are those that come as a result of dedication and commitment to being personal and unique. Etsy is a great tool to ensuring that your wedding reflects not only who you are as individuals but who you are looking to be as a couple and you really can while away hours exploring stunning and creative ideas to which will enhance your special day. The four products that we have reviewed here were reviewed against hundreds of incredibly moving and products and it was so difficult for us to chose our favorites!  That being said, it would be selfish to keep them to ourselves which is why we decided to share with you the Iconic Beach Luxe Bohemian Dress from Floraandlane's Pacific Wanderlust Collection as our favorite Etsy wedding product!




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